Campus Life Fee Grant

Grants from the Campus Life Fee are intended to provide supplemental financial support to student groups seeking to host or participate in activities, programs, and special events that enhance the co-curricular experience for students at Binghamton University. Priority will be given to projects that promote student development, enhance diversity, and benefit the community.

Event Grant Overview

  • Funding intended to support University recognized student organizations hosting activities, programs, and special events that promote student development.
  • Funds represent contributions from Binghamton University students; therefore, events must be inclusive of the on-campus community.
    • Application must show the efforts have been made to make current students the primary intended audience for the initiative.
    • Events are free or low-cost for Binghamton University students.
    • Only on-campus events that are open to all students are eligible to receive funding.
  • Application must demonstrate how the event promotes student development, enhances diversity, and benefits the community. Review application tips and grant policies prior to submitting.
  • Additional funds may be available for registered student groups who collaborate with one or more other registered student groups. Collaboration is intended to be more than just monetary support. A Grant award check will be provided to the primary applicant.
  • The Campus Life Fee Event Grants Hearing Board meets once a month, typically during the last week of the month.
  • You can apply for funding anytime. Please note December funding will be decided in November due to scheduling.



For any questions, please contact:

Jennifer Keegin
Associate Director for Campus Activities
UUW 205 or