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Step #1 - Event basics: ON YOUR MARK!

What type of event will this be? BBQ? Concert? Meeting? Conference?

  • Select your date! Use the University Academic Calendar and the Events Calendar to select the best date for your event!
  • Book your space quickly because space fills up fast once the semester starts! Think about the expected number of people you envision attending, and book your space accordingly. R25, Reservation System, has the capability to help you book a room anywhere on campus, as well as book a space for tabling in the Union. Note: Reservations may only be made by SA-chartered organizations, University-recognized Greek groups or faculty/staff. Each student organization can select only one person to be its contact. Space may be requested by visiting R25 Union.
  • Upon choosing your space, think about what the physical event set-up should be, i.e. how many tables, chairs, where stage can go, etc. If it is a University Union event, contact Nick Kocan, operations/set-up manager, at 607-777-3300. If it is for an event outside of the University Union, contact Physical Facilities at 607-777-2226. For help with a work order, visit Campus Activities in UUW-207.

Planning a large-scale, campus-wide event? Take a look at the Procedures for Scheduling Large Scale Events.

Create a timeline for your event. When should each step be completed? And by whom?


Other Helpful Links:

  • Will you need special parking? Contact Parking Services at 607-777-2294
  • Will you need inflatables or games? Taylor Rental is just one of many local providers!
  • Use an Event Planning Checklist to make sure you're headed in the right direction.


Step #2 - Arrange and finalize your needs: GET READY!

What is your budget for the event? Need help? Use this Budget Planning Worksheet.

Check the Student Association Treasurer's Handbook. This can be acquired by contacting the Student Association at 607-777-7777.

Other possible funding resources:

Will you need lighting, speakers, a stage?

Will you need food? Drinks? Catering?

Will you need event security?


Other Helpful Links:


Step # 3 - Advertise: GET SET!

Who is your target audience? How can you reach them?

Use these Personal Site Guidelines to help you be aware of logo usage and copyrights!


Step #4 - Day of: GO!

Make sure you have all your supplies ready. What  is your plan if you run out of something?

What to do in an emergency? Call:

  • Harpur's Ferry (Student Ambulance Service)
  • University Police 911 for an emergency or 607-777-2393 for a  non-emergency


Step #5 - Wrap-up and evaluation

Write up an evaluation of your event. Here's a form you can use: Post-Evaluation Worksheet (pdf, 27.0kb).

Last Updated: 1/19/18