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2019–2020 Binghamton Yearbook

It’s time to pre-order the 2019–2020 Binghamton University Yearbook! Yearbooks are $80/book and are available online for pre-order. You can also make tributes for your senior student (different price ranges based on the size of the ad). 

For any questions, call The Union office at 607-777-3300.

Yearbook CDCI internship

University Yearbook Internship mission:

This experience is a 4-credit CDCI internship for undergraduate students of all class years interested in the creation of the annual yearbook for Binghamton University. Through participation on the Yearbook Staff, students will have an opportunity to enhance their leadership and professional development, building upon individual strengths, while learning how to serve as a high-quality member of a team.

Student learning outcomes:
  • Students will learn the behind-the-scenes process of creating and designing a University Yearbook.
  • Students will learn about their individual strengths, utilizing that information to inform their work assignments and resume.
  • Students will understand the importance of marketing a product visually and verbally.
  • Students will develop career readiness competencies
How to apply:

Applications are currently closed.

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