Individual Aquatics

Individual aquatic fitness 

Individual Aquatic Fitness offers participants the opportunity for personal instruction in the pool. Each 60-minute session will be individualized to meet the client's goals. Instruction may include swimming lessons, stroke analysis, or a personal training session in the water.

Our certified staff of Water Safety Instructors look forward to making your aquatic experience meaningful and fun!


Private aquatic session

1 session (75 Minutes) – $45
6 sessions (6.25 hours) – $180

Small group (2 – 3 people) aquatic session

1 session (75 Minutes) – $28 per person
6 sessions (6.25 hours) – $135 per person

Deluxe fitness assessment

Mini assessment, cardio & muscular fitness, flexibility and full movement screening.

1 session – $28

Body composition assessment

Skinfold caliper, bioelectrical impedance analysis, circumference and BMI analysis.

1 session – $22.50*

*Only $5 when purchased with a deluxe fitness assessment!

Workout design

Swim smarter with a personalized swim workout designed to maximize your training potential (available for experienced swimmers who have previously purchased at least one training session or Deluxe Fitness Assessment).

1 session (60 minutes) – $28

Stroke analysis

Get your stroke assessed for recommendations to improve your technique and efficiency in the water (available for swimmers who have previously purchased at least one private aquatic session).

1 session (30 Minutes) – $22.50


Register in person at the Rec Center Front Desk. Participants must complete an Aquatic Fitness Questionnaire at the time of registration. This questionnaire will be used to determine the type of instruction and staff required for each participant.