Club Sports

Club Sports

Join more than 2,000 students who participate in 42 recreational and competitive club sports.

Playing in a club sport is a great way to meet new people, learn new skills or improve existing ones, become more educated about fitness and health, compete against others and enjoy social time with friends. There are no cuts or tryouts for club sports — everyone is welcome to play!

Joining a club

  1. Attending a GIM (or general information meeting) is the first step to joining a club. These meetings are typically 30 minutes to an hour long and provide you with a chance to talk with team leaders about practices, time commitment and schedules. 
    1. View the full schedule of GIM dates and locations.
  2. Next, register through B-Engaged. Each club member must have completed all required registration forms prior to participating. 

    1. Current and future members log into B-Engaged with your PODS ID and password.

    2. Once logged in, search "Campus Recreation" 

    3. Open this page and scroll down to find the "Forms" section

    4. Complete and submit the online registration.

    5. Once submitted, approval will be sent back to the member via email. If denied, the member will receive an email.

Types of club sports

Competitive clubs meet as often as two or three times a week to every day of the week. These clubs compete against other colleges and universities in both leagues and tournaments. Some of the more competitive clubs compete in postseason play and regional and national championships.

Most of these clubs have an instructor who assists in supervision, strategy and skill development.

Recreational with limited competition clubs meet on an average of three times per week and compete against other colleges and universities on a limited basis.

Recreational clubs meet on an average of once a week and participate with other members of the club.