Meet the Clubs

Meet the Clubs

Get to know the clubs in these fun, short videos created by club members. Connect with the club on social media or B-Engaged to learn more about upcoming general interest meetings, practices and other ways to get involved.  

Basketball (Men's)

We are a competitive club that practices 3 times a week, with games and tournaments on weekends. All levels of skill are welcome.

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Basketball (Women's)

We welcome women of all abilities to join and compete against various colleges and universities throughout the state, the Northeast Region and on a national basis.

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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club meets several times a week to practice, with club members teaching both sport and self-defense aspects of this martial art. Unlike traditional striking martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a submission grappling art that focuses on using the power of your opponent to your own advantage and emphasizes using technique over strength. All are welcome to join.

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The Binghamton University Equestrian Club is a club sport based off campus that competes in Zone 2, Region 1 of the IHSA. Our coach, Mimi Penfield, has over 20 years of experience competing in and at various hunter, jumper, and equitation shows.

Lessons, shows, fundraising, and club participation are integral to being a team member. Riders who are interested are more than welcome to come try out in the beginning of the fall or spring semester.

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Field Hockey

The Field Hockey Club is a competitive team open to all students. The team is generally comprised of approximately 25-30 players but is always looking for new members to join. The club is led by current students who are voted into executive board positions. Both practices and games are held by captains, who are current students that have been voted into the position. 

We are a member of the New York State Club Field Hockey League. During the fall season, we play a total of 10-12 games against other universities within New York. In the spring, the team will schedule indoor turf practices and tournaments. We encourage both experienced and inexperienced players to join! 

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The Gymnastics Club promotes the well being of individuals through social and physical activities. We aim to share our common love and interest for gymnastics and spread our knowledge of the sport to whoever is curious and willing to learn. The club educates members in the sport of gymnastics and provides an opportunity for members of all levels to work together and learn from each other. The club meets several times a week and carpools to a local gym (Head Over Heels located on Vestal Parkway).

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Ice Hockey

We welcome any student interested in the game of ice hockey. The team typically consists of a combination of fifteen to thirty undergraduate and graduate students. Generally, there is a qualified volunteer coach with collegiate hockey experience. At times, however, the oversight of this club is handled by team captains and executive board members. There are also opportunities for participation as score keepers and statisticians.

The team practices two times per week throughout the academic year, beginning in September. There are three ice arenas within fifteen minutes of campus where the team practices. The team typically plays a ten to twenty game season, and most of these take place on the weekend. All games are officiated by USA Hockey sanctioned referees. 

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Lacrosse (Women's)

The Women's Lacrosse Club consists of about 40 women who are dedicated to the sport and to their studies. As a competitive club, our team plays hard, and studies harder. We compete in the WCLA-2, New England Women's Lacrosse League, in which we play other club teams such as Cornell, Cortland, Ithaca, Syracuse, and William-Smith. We also have traveled to Vermont, Long Island, and Pennsylvania to play UVM, Stony Brook, Hofstra, Sacred Heart University, and Villanova.

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We help students with common recreational interests get together and spend time outside. We want to expose members to new outdoor opportunities while teaching safety and responsibility for the environment. The club practices Leave No Trace, which is an environmental ethic that is geared towards preserving natural areas. At each of their weekly meetings, trip planning, backcountry skills, and responsibilities are discussed. People of every background are encouraged to join, regardless of experience.

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Rowing is a sport that defines teamwork. Every day, our club goes out and works together to row as eight people sharing one technique. If your heart is into it, and you feel like you are ready to meet the challenge, then crew's coaches can take you, experienced and non-rowers, and make you competitive in a field of high competition. There is no greater feeling than taking home a medal after a semester of hard work and dedication. All are welcome, from novice to the experienced men, women and non-binary people.

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Rugby (Men's)

This highly competitive and well-organized sport club competes at the Division I level. Our primary season is in the fall from September through late October. We practice five days a week in the fall. In the spring, our club competes in various tournaments both away and at home. Generally, the practice schedule in the early spring is between 2-3 times per week. In the latter part of the spring semester, our club practices five days a week as we vie to compete in the Upstate Championship Tournament held every year in Geneva, NY. All men are welcome to participate in this club.

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Rugby (Women's)

The growing nation-wide interest in the sport of women's rugby makes this one of the most exciting and popular sports on the Binghamton University campus. Women's rugby is a highly aggressive sport and is played the same way as men's rugby. Many women who play rugby usually achieve a high level of self-confidence and accomplishment. Experience is not necessary. Excitement about the sport is all that is required.

There are both A and B teams that compete regularly, thus guaranteeing that everyone on the team will be afforded the opportunity to play in a game. The sport of rugby requires players of all different shapes, sizes and abilities — there will be a place on the team for you. The women's rugby club welcomes any student to come and practice with us.

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The Binghamton University Running Club is composed of students of varying levels of fitness and ability. We can help you train for races from sprints to the marathon or to stay in shape. 

The club is a great way to get to know the Binghamton campus and surrounding neighborhoods, as well as meet a diverse group of students who all enjoy running. All members are encouraged to enter local road races as well as on campus events.

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We compete against schools throughout New York, including Syracuse University, Cornell University, Ithaca College, University of Rochester, Buffalo and many more. Races are held on weekends in January and February. Races follow the format of Giant Slalom on Saturday and Slalom competitions on Sunday.

In addition to races on the weekend, we practice on the snow Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at Labrador Mountain. All skiers who are interested in racing at the intercollegiate level and improving their skiing abilities are welcome. Common destinations for races include Swain Mountain, Song Mountain, and Toggenburg Mountain. Men, women and non-binary people are welcome.

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Soccer (Women's)

We compete in a regular schedule of games during the fall and participate in tournaments throughout the spring. We play both at home and on the road, facing other club teams at Colgate University, SUNY Cortland, Cornell University, Syracuse University, RPI, The University of Rochester, and The University of Vermont.

During the fall, practices take place Monday through Friday on the fields behind the East Gym. Spring practices are held three days a week in either the East or West Gym. We welcome committed, competitive and experienced players. If you played on your high school team or a travel team, this may be the club for you.

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Founded in 2005 as a club sport at Binghamton University, club softball has established itself as a co-ed team. As a co-ed team, students both male and female are encouraged to join, and the lineup card will always consist 50/50 of both genders.

Practices are held three times a week based on majority of the team’s schedule. During cold weather, practices are held indoors once a week, with transportation provided by carpool of team members. Games are played on Sunday nights against local teams from a dome league in the Binghamton area. Team jerseys are worn during games, and additional apparel can be acquired through fundraising or personal contribution.

As a part of the club, you will meet many other students from all class levels, and develop new friendships through team activities. We enjoy friendly competition at this level, and each contributing as club members for the overall success of our season.

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Spikeball is a growing sport in modern day America. It is a unique game that combines the swing of volleyball with the coordination of handball. When playing, there are teams of two both of which use great teamwork and individual skill in order to achieve victory. The goal of our organization is bring together students from all over campus to provide an opportunity to play Spikeball both with their peers from Binghamton and from other schools around the nation. Most Notably we will be competing with other colleges in pursuit of the National Champions title, while also providing students not looking to play competitively, a chance to play spikeball against other Binghamton University students.

The materials used in Spikeball include a small trampoline-like object with string netting, a small bouncing ball (usually yellow) with a 12-inch circumference, and four players. The object of the game is to hit the ball against the net so that the other team is not able to return it, or return it to hit the Spikeball net. The play continues until the ball is not returned properly.

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Tae Kwon Do

Binghamton Tae Kwon Do is a club dedicated to the study and practice of Tae Kwon Do. We meet twice a week to practice all aspects of the sport and the art. We are open to all Binghamton students and welcome people of all belt levels.

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The goal of this club is to give players of all skill levels the opportunity to play tennis in a social setting. The club will meets 2-3 times each week. At the meetings, players can choose who to play with or will be matched up with players of similar skill levels. If the members so desire, tournaments will be organized within the club. 

This club is ideal for Binghamton students who like to play tennis but have a problem finding people of similar skill level to play with. Men, women and non-binary people are welcome. 

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Our club encourages everyone to participate, ranging from complete beginners to potential Olympic athletes. We are a recreational and competitive club with the purpose of supporting our member's goals to complete a triathlon. The triathlon club trains between 5/6 days a week, approximately 2 days per each discipline (swim, bike, run). A bike is not necessary for immediate participation in the club. The club will assist all members who wish to obtain a bike by using its resources in the local triathlon community. In the club, you will learn proper bike handling skills, open water swimming skills, as well as running skills in order to become successful in the sport.

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Ultimate Frisbee

Do you want to participate in one of America's fastest growing sports? Ultimate combines aspects of soccer, basketball and football for a fun, past-faced experience. Our club is open to any interested Binghamton University student, regardless of experience. Practices generally take place daily during September and October, as well as March and April. These are also the months in which the club competes in the majority of its tournaments. The club is affiliated with the Ultimate Player's Association in the collegiate division where virtually every large college/university is represented. Come out and play!

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Volleyball (Women's)

Our club has become popular over the past few years, so it has been divided into two teams. One team participates in the majority of travel to tournaments and competitions, and the other team travels when feasible. Both teams practice together as one club, usually twice or three times per week. This club is a member of the Northeast Women's Volleyball Club League, founded in 2000, and currently includes nineteen women's collegiate club teams from Delaware to New England. The club also competes in the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) National Championships. So far, the club has traveled to Kansas City, MO, Reno, NV, Dallas, TX and Columbus, OH to vie for a national championship.

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