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Find Your Fit Classes

Campus Recreation's free Find Your Fit classes are open to all current students, faculty and staff. Students can email Campus Recreation to register for any class. Faculty and staff must register through the University Center for Training and Development calendar


Prioritizing your time can be difficult, but finding balance in your hectic schedule is imperative to physical, emotional and mental health. Join Campus Recreation in these upcoming Find Your Fit classes focused on finding balance and alleviating stress in your daily life.


Wellness in the Woods

  • 4:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday,  August 7
  • Meet in front of the East Gym, rain or shine
  • Register through UCTD (faculty/staff) or email (students)

No burpees, squats or jumping jacks here — just relax with a slow, meditative walk in the woods. Let the effects of shinrin-yoku, or Forest Breathing, naturally reduce your stress levels and promote healing. This is due to various wood essential oils, called phytoncides, which trees emit to protect themselves from insects. Breathing in these forest "vitamins" helps improve the body's immune system.

10 Best Exercises for Recovery

  • noon – 12:45 p.m.
  • Wednesday, August 14
  • GE-18
  • Register through UCTD (faculty/staff) or email (students)

This series of workshops will demonstrate easy and simple-to-follow movements targeted at every age and fitness level. During this 45-minute seminar, you will learn about the benefits of recovery and take away easy to incorporate stretches and techniques that are a perfect way to balance your training regimen. Each workshop will teach you 10 new movements that you can start using right away!


FloatFit Fusion

  • 5:15 – 6:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, September 4
  • East Gym Pool
  • Register through UCTD (faculty/staff) or email (students)

FloatFit is a low impact, 45-minute class all done on the water using the AquaBase, a floating fitness mat. This class will combine 20-minutes of high intensity interval style training, followed by a yoga style stretch designed to boost mental wellbeing and challenge balance.

All exercises can be modified to suit different levels of fitness and experience. Participants will work to improve body imbalances and strengthen core stability. All class participants MUST know how to swim. Please dress to get wet! Form-fitting yoga attire or bathing suits required.

Max participants: 10


Step Aerobics for Beginners

  • noon
  • Wednesday, October 2
  • EG-24
  • Register through UCTD (faculty/staff) or email (students)

Whether you are an experienced “stepper” or trying it for the first time, come get motivated by the music, have fun with the group and sweat like never before.  This beginner-level class is easy to follow and fun. It’s a great way to shape your legs, stimulate your mind and gain cardiovascular benefits all at once.

Max participants: 15


A Primer in Plant-based Nutrition

  • noon
  • Wednesday, November 13
  • EG-18
  • Register through UCTD (faculty/staff) or email (students)

Diets come in all shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, health and wellness communities agree that diets emphasizing fresh, whole ingredients and minimizing processed foods are superior for overall wellness. This program will educate you on diet and lifestyle factors aimed at incorporating whole foods, while also providing first steps for those wishing to adopt a plant based diet. Join Julie Lee, campus dietitian, for a nutrition & wellness program that will give you easy takeaways to implement right away.

Max participants: 25


Chair Yoga

  • noon
  • Wednesday, December 4
  • UU-325
  • Register through UCTD (faculty/staff) or email (students)

Ground your mind and body with this lunchtime, yoga chair flow. Perfect for all levels, chair yoga is a great way to relax from head to toe without needing to take your practice to the mat.

This flow is also perfect for those wanting a quick way to stretch your body and relieve tension while at your desk, all without having to leave your chair. Open your mind, move your shoulders, and find length in your spine with this yoga chair flow.

Max participants: 20

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