Group Fitness Policies

The following rules and procedures have been developed for the safety and enjoyment of all members. Users are responsible for reading and adhering to published policies and posted signs.


  • Participation is at your own risk. Participation is restricted to adults 18 years of age or older. Users are responsible for reading and adhering to published policies and posted signs.
  • Class participants must have a valid BU photo ID card to enter the facility. No one will be allowed to take a class without their ID card, despite being a member.
  • Book bags, personal bags, coats or sweatshirts are NOT allowed in the group exercise room. All items brought into the facility must stay on your person or secured in a locker.
  • Members must be on time for class. Due to safety concerns and the importance of warm up, late participants will not be allowed into class.
  • SPINNING® class participants are required to have a water bottle.
  • SPINNING® participants are encouraged to pre-register due to the limited number of bikes. E-mail up to a day in advance OR check in at FitSpace up to 15 minutes before a class begins. Pre-registered members have first priority for a bike in that class. Reserved spots are only held until the start of class; members not present at the start of class will lose their spot. Remaining spots will be filled with participants on the wait list first, then walk-ins. If you cannot attend a class you have signed up for, please call to cancel your spot. "Walk-ins" are always welcome. Check in at the spinning room #22 before class for remaining spots to be filled on first come, first serve availability.
  • Wear clean attire appropriate for the type of workout. Clean athletic footwear is required at all times. No sandals (open-toed shoes), jeans (denim material) or boots are allowed. Participants are urged not to wear athletic shoes with excessive tread especially in Kickboxing classes as this can cause torquing in joints. Spinning® participants are urged to wear stiff soled athletic wear such as cross-trainers or biking shoes.
  • Users are urged to attend to matters of personal hygiene and cleanliness, as well as the cleanliness of their workout wear.
  • The use of ankle weights are prohibited during the cardio segments of classes. Throwing weights is prohibited.
  • Equipment and facilities should be used for their intended purpose. Modification is prohibited.
  • Wipe off equipment and put away in its designated place after use.
  • Please report equipment malfunction or damage to a staff member immediately. Use of broken equipment is strictly prohibited.
  • Violation of rules and posted policies, property damage, solicitation, or verbal/physical abuse of employees will be investigated by the staff and/or University Police and may result minimally in immediate loss of membership and/or judicial or criminal action.
  • FitSpace, Campus Recreation and Binghamton University are not responsible for any personal items lost or stolen, including those in locked lockers or left unattended. Users are strongly urged to secure belongings.

Last Updated: 3/3/15