Group Fitness Class Schedule

Group Fitness Class Schedule 

Try all the classes, find an instructor and a class that best fit your goals and get a great workout! 

All classes are in the East Gym, Recreation Center.


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  • Participation is at your own risk. Users are responsible for reading and adhering to policies and posted signs. 
  • A valid fitness membership is required to enter. 
  • Masks are required regardless of vaccination status.
  • The duration of classes will average 45 minutes to allow for cleaning and sanitization. 
  • Patrons are responsible for sanitizing any fitness equipment used after class.
  • You will use biometrics and your B-Number to check into class or your Digital ID with the Campus Recreation app.
  • Be on time for class. Due to safety concerns and the importance of warming up, late participants will not be allowed into class.
  • Bags, books and coats must be stored in cubbies or lockers, but only for that specific class. Items cannot be left on the floor for safety reasons.
  • Athletic attire is required at all times. Participants must also wear appropriate sneakers during all group fitness classes. Jeans, boots and sandals are not allowed. Athletic attire with zippers or sharp objects is not allowed in classes using the BOSU or stability ball.

Class descriptions

Classes are 45 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.

Cardio/Strength Combination 

Bootcamp consists of multiple stations, incorporating strength training, HIIT, core conditioning, and a variety of resistance equipment to ensure you are consistently challenged! 

Kickboxing combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio for a total body workout, no equipment necessary. 

Spinning® is a rhythmic, music-based indoor cycling class that focuses on endurance, strength and, intervals of varying intensity for a high energy workout.

*Pre-booking is required for all Spinning classes. Book your spot here

Strength training

Barre fuses elements from Pilates, ballet and yoga for transformed hips, thighs, back and core.

BODYPUMP™ is a music-based barbell class that works all major muscle groupsusing light to moderate weights with lots of repetition.

Core & Restore is a 30-minute class designed to help your body function and recover better. It's the percfect complement to your weekly workout routine. 


Restorative Yoga targets the connective tissues, joints, and the deep fascia network of the body, allowing you to feel rejuvenated and energized. 

Vinyasa Yoga is a practice where smooth transitions between poses create a flow sequence. The class focus is on synchronizing your breath with movement to find calm and balance.


Zumba® is a dance class that blends Latin and international rhythms for a fun and effective workout. Ditch the workout, join the party!


FloatFit is a 45-minute low impact class with a mix of HIIT and yoga style movements, all done in the shallow end of the pool using the AquaBase, a floating yoga mat. This class includes isometric, plyometric, strength and endurance exercises, as well as flexibility training. All exercises can be modified to suit different levels of fitness and experience. All class participants MUST know how to swim and please dress to get wet. Form- fitting yoga attire or bathing suits are required. 

*Pre-booking is required for all Float Fit classes. Book your spot here

In-Studio Virtual fitness

Les Mills In-studio Virtual workouts combine world-leading fitness programs with great music and motivation from some of the best instructors available. In-studio virtual classes all take place in room 106 in the East Gym. Equipment for all classes is available in the studio. Classes will automatically begin to play on the screen at the designated class time. 

BODYCOMBAT™ is a martial arts inspired workout that incorporates Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira and Kung Fu.

BODYFLOW™ is a yoga-based workout that incorporates Tai Chi and Pilates movements.

CORE is a 30-minute core workout that uses resistance tubes, weight plates and body weight exercises.

GRIT™ is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training (H.I.T.T.) workout that focuses on building strength (STRENGTH), improving cardiovascular fitness (CARDIO) or increasing agility and athletic performance (ATHLETIC). 

Kickboxing is a high powered, cardio workout where you kick and punch your way to fitness in 30 minutes!

Pilates HIIT is a 30-minute fusion workout where you will alternate between core-strengthening Pilates and challenging cardio bursts. 

SH'BAM is a fun and insanely addictive dance workout. No dance experience required!

Total Body Strength is a 30-minute class that focuses on form and strength. After this workout, you'll feel strong, sculpted, and just the right amount of sore.