Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports

Campus Recreation's Intramural Sports program offers a wide variety of team and individual sports through organized leagues and tournaments. Playing an intramural sport is a great way to meet new people, reconnect with sports you love or try something new. All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged to participate. 

Sport Registration  Season
Outdoor Soccer Aug. 23 – Sept. 11 Sept. 18 – Oct. 27
7v7 Flag Football Aug. 23 – Sept. 11 Sept. 18 – Oct. 27
6v6 Volleyball  Aug. 23 – Sept. 11 Sept. 18 – Oct. 25
Tennis Singles Tournament  Aug. 23 – Sept. 11 Sept. 17
Disc Golf Tournament Sept. 6 – 25 Oct. 1
Ultimate Frisbee Tournament Sept. 19 – Oct. 9 Oct. 15
Arena Flag Football Oct. 10 – 30 Nov. 6 – Dec. 5
Handball Oct. 10 – 30 Nov. 8 – Dec. 8
3v3 Basketball Oct. 10 – 30 Nov. 8 – Dec. 8
Innertube Water Polo Tournament Oct. 10 – 30 TBD
Dodgeball Tournament Oct. 24 – Nov. 11 Nov. 15

Who can play?

All Binghamton University students*, faculty and staff (alumni, spouses and volunteers are not eligible) can play in an Intramural Sports league. Participants can register as an individual (i.e. free agent) or as a team. 

*NCAA student-athletes may not participate in "like" sports (e.g. soccer athletes may not play Intramurals soccer, but may play Intramurals Basketball). 


All registration is online through IMLeagues. Create an IMLeagues account with your email to get notified about upcoming leagues and registration dates!

Free agents

Individual players can register as a free agent online through IMLeagues. After registration closes, all free agents are placed on a team together. Although we cannot guarantee that a team will be formed, we make every effort to offer all free agent registrations the opportunity to play.


Players can register their teams online through IMLeagues. Some sports have multiple leagues (i.e. men's, women's, coed) and multiple divisions (i.e. recreational and competitive). Teams are also given the ability to request a preferred day and time for games. Be sure to register your team early, as some leagues and days fill up quickly!

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Intramural Sports

Office Hours
Monday – Friday
10 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

Intramural Sports are recognized by the Student Association (SA). Visit the SA online to learn more.