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Binghamton Bearcat Intramural Fraternity Point System

The Bearcat Fraternity Point System is for those players affiliated with a recognized Fraternity in good standing within Binghamton University Greek Life. The Bearcat Fraternity Point System’s purpose is promote friendly competition between Greeks as they accumulate points within five areas. These areas consist of participation, sportsmanship, competition, playoff placement, and captain’s responsibilities.

Participation, sportsmanship, and competition are important to the intramural program, so the point system is designed to reward those fraternities that participate in multiple intramural sports while maintaining a high level of sportsmanship.

The champions of the Bearcat Intramural Fraternity Point System will receive their team name engraved on the championship cup which can be displayed during rush week. In addition, each team member will receive an intramural championship t-shirt. 



Greek teams are limited to current members in good standing in their organization and that meet the intramural eligibility requirements. All players must be members of their team’s fraternity, this includes ALL male participants of coed sport teams. 

During registration team names must include Greek affiliation to be eligible to accumulate points.


Points System:

Each eligible sport within the Bearcat Intramural Fraternity Point System will be allowed to have a maximum of two teams per fraternity earn points. For example, a fraternity may have five teams participate in flag football, only the top two teams will earn points. Points will be totaled at the end of each sport season and a running total will be available on Imleagues.



Participation is a cornerstone of campus recreation and the intramural sports program. Teams will accumulate points based on the number of sports and games played throughout the academic year. For full point accumulation details please see the chart below.



Sportsmanship is an important contributor to the overall experience of participation within the intramural sports program. As a member of Greek Life at Binghamton University, sportsmanship also coincides with the four pillar of Greek Life: Scholarship, service, unity, respect, and leadership.

Deductions for sportsmanship include: Ejections, unsportsmanlike conduct (technical fouls, red/yellow cards), forfeits, and ineligible players.



The Fraternity Point System is designed to promote friendly competition within Greek life. As a result, teams will accumulate points based on the number of games they win throughout the regular season. Teams will earn 10 points per game that is won, with an additional bonus of 25 if undefeated.


Final Playoff Standings:

Teams participating within the Fraternity Point System will have an opportunity to play each other during the playoff bracket. Teams will have the ability to earn points based on their playoff success.

  • 1st - 100pts
  • 2nd - 75pts
  • 3rd & 4th - 50pts

Captain's Responsibilities:

Within the intramural sports program the captains plays an integral role to the success of the team. Fulfilling all the duties assigned to captain can earn the team an additional 50 points. Possible deductions include: failing to register all players on the roster (20 points per player), allowing ineligible players to participate (could result in forfeiting all points earned in that sport), forfeiture of games (20 points), and overall sportsmanship of the team.

full point system pdf

Last Updated: 1/23/18