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Rules & Policies

Mandatory Participation Fee

All teams wishing to participate in intramurals will be required to pay a non-refundable participation/registration fee per sport. This fee must be paid online by the team captain/manager using PayPal through IMLeagues during the team registration period. Payment must be received before the team will be approved and registered. Payments not made through Paypal and IMLeagues will not be accepted.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Individuals and/or teams who arrive to a scheduled competition intoxicated, suspected of consumption, or possessing alcohol and/or other illegal substances will not be permitted to play. The game will be forfeited immediately. There are no exceptions to this stipulation. The supervisor in charge will have the final decision.

Medical Procedures

The Campus Recreation Office, Intramural Program Office, and Binghamton University will not assume the responsibility for any injuries received during competition. Participants are reminded that their participation is voluntary. We strongly recommend that all participants have a physical examination and secure medical health insurance. Any injury and/or accident should be reported immediately to the supervisor in charge.


Proper attire should be worn while competing. All jewelry, watches, hats, and any other personal item should be removed before participation. Individuals wearing casts should have them padded and checked for approval with the supervisor in charge. Any person(s) bleeding and/or having blood on clothing will be removed from competition until this problem is resolved. Appropriate measures must be taken into account.

Player Participation

All players that appear on a team's roster must be a current student, faculty, or staff member at Binghamton University. In addition, players can not be added after the first game has been played. Any team that violates the participation rule will forfeit all games prior and be ineligible for playoff competition. A valid ID CARD for all participants must be shown to the staff members before all games.

Team Jerseys

All teams are encouraged to provide their own shirts with numbers. Each schedule will designate "Home" and "Visitor" teams. Shirt color of home and visitor will be activity specific.


Most equipment will be provided based on the specific nature of the activity.

Cancellation/Forfeit of Games

All games must start on time. However, all teams will have a maximum of 10 minutes after the official start time. Any games beginning after the official start time may have to play in a speed-up rule format. Any team that does not show for a scheduled game will be given a forfeit. Tournament play will end.

Cancellation of Game During Play

In extreme circumstances, a game may be called during play. This is up to the site supervisors. Captains may provide feedback, but the final decision will come from the supervisors. A game will be replayed if the first half is not completed. If called during play of the second half, the team who is ahead at the time will be declared the winner. If called during half-time, the second half will be played at a later date. Each score and penalty situations, ie. sportsmanship, will be carried over.

Sport Specific Rules

Visit IMLeagues for sport specific rules related to game time and length, time outs, overtime procedures, special situations, number of players on field/court, and substitution of players.

Sportsmanship Policy

All teams and players must refrain from abusive language while on the field to officials and opposing team members. Abusive language may include but is not limited to swearing, continuous challenge to official's call, and inappropriate gestures. A violation of this policy will result in ___________________________________ (activity specific), and a warning to the entire team. If continued, each player in violation will be ejected for the remainder of the game.

Last Updated: 1/23/18