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If there is immediate risk to life or property – call 911
If calling from a cell phone: (607) 777-2222

Referral Process at Case Management

CARE Team Referral

To refer a student: CARE Referral Form

The CARE Team or Consultation, Advocacy, Referral and Education team is part of Binghamton University’s Dean of Students Office. Our goal is to provide comprehensive case management services for students who have personal struggles, are in distress, and/or could benefit from additional support or resources. The mission of the CARE Team is to provide support, care, and advocacy for students who need it.

Who can make referrals?

Faculty, staff, family members, students, or any concerned person can refer a student  to the CARE Team by filling out the form below. Once completed, someone from the CARE Team will follow up as appropriate. This may include the student, referring party, and/or any other identified persons by the next business day.

Is this an automatic referral for the Students Of Concern Committee (SOC)?

Completing this form creates a referral to case management only. Based on the information provided and level of intervention determined, the student may be referred to the Students of Concern Committee. Either way, all students referred will receive appropriate intervention based on their unique situations.

Is all information confidential?

While we provide privacy, we cannot guarantee confidentiality. Case managers are mandated reporters, therefore any information provided that poses threat or harm to self and/or others must be reported to the appropriate persons, including the University Police Department. Otherwise, case managers only share information on a need-to-know basis.



Last Updated: 1/29/19