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Physical health/sickness:

  • Decker Student Health Services Center — see you if you're sick, help with health information and education, vaccines, and health insurance information.
  • Harpur's Ferry — a student volunteer service that provides emergency medical care and ambulance transport for medical emergencies. They also provide educational programs and CPR training.
  • Personal Safety Advisory Committee — provides a portal for everything related to safety at Binghamton University including initiatives and reporting tools.
  • New York State University Police — is a fully empowered state law enforcement agency providing a safe environment for the University. This site contains emergency, safety and crime information and reporting tools.

Disabilities Services:

Mental Health:

  • University Counseling Center — provides clinical and referral services to students experiencing mental and psychological stress.
  • SEEK — SEEK (Support, Empathy, Empowerment, Kindness.) is a student-run service for Binghamton University students to talk through any issue they may be facing from stress, break-ups, grief/loss, or life changes. They are available every night from 8 – 11 p.m. during fall and spring semesters. Call 607-777-4357.


  • 20:1/Bystander Intervention Program — The Bystander Program. 20:1 acknowledges the wide range of areas of interpersonal violence that is prevalent on college campuses, and as a result, this program expands beyond sexual assault prevention, offering education on a variety of topics around interpersonal violence prevention.

Academic Help:

Financial Help:

  • Financial Aid — provides financial information and help for students and their families including loans, scholarships, student employment, billing, forms and funding.
  • Student Emergency Funds

Student Loan Program

There are several loan funds available to Binghamton University students. The main purpose of these loans is to assist students during temporary periods of cash shortages.

  • Approval by Foundation Accounting Services or BU Student Accounts
  • Uncollaterized and Collaterized loans with the following limits:
    • $250 limit for uncollaterized loans for Undergraduate Students
    • $500 limit for uncollaterized loands for Graduate Students
    • $500 limit for collaterized loans for Undergraduate Students
    • $600 limit for collaterized loans for Graduate Students
  • Students have up to 8 weeks or until the last day of classes to repay

For Binghamton Foundation Student Loans, a student may not have an outstanding delinquency or hold and may only have one loan outstanding at a time. Exceptions may be approved to any of these loans (including loan amount) after careful consideration of a student's situation and verification of related facts. For more information click here."

Last Updated: 8/3/20