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Withdrawal Process

Withdrawing from a course

If a student wishes to add, drop or withdraw from a course, there is a process to follow, which is explained on the Registrar’s website.

Students are permitted to withdraw from the University after consultation with the academic advising office of their college and/or a case manager in the Dean of Students office before the ninth week of classes.

Withdrawing from the semester

There is a separate process for students wishing to withdraw from all of their courses in fall or spring semester, which requires them to complete a Semester Withdrawal Form and submit it to the Student Records in the Admissions Center, room 112. The Undergraduate Semester Withdrawal Form and Graduate Semester Withdrawal Form and instructions can be found under "forms" on the Registrar’s Office webpage on semester withdrawal procedures. Dean of Students staff can assist with medical withdrawals after students have consulted with the academic advisor.

Healthcare providers can recommend an administrative medical withdrawal by completing the Provider Withdrawal Form.

Withdrawing from the semester is a separate process for students wishing to withdraw from all of their courses in the fall or spring semester. The Dean of Students Office can only process medical withdrawals. Students must consult with an academic advisor for all other withdrawals.

Students may withdraw anytime between the first and last day of classes. Any withdrawals must be completed by the last day of classes at 4 p.m. In addition to completing a semester withdrawal form, students should obtain the proper signatures and submit it to Student Records in the Admissions Center, room 112.

Download the Semester Withdrawal Checklist.

Types of medical semester withdrawals

Medical withdrawals can happen for physical and/or mental health situations.

Returning from a withdrawal

Dean of Students staff can also assist with re-enrollment to studies from medical withdrawals. Instructions for submitting re-enrollment forms:

Healthcare providers should have the student sign the release of information form, complete the re-enrollment form, indicating the appropriate withdrawal type, and fax them both to the number provided on the form. No forms should be sent to the Dean of Students Office. Once received, the medical team will review the form and make a recommendation regarding the student's ability to return or not based on the progress the student has made while away. The recommendation will be sent to the Dean of Students' office and the student will be notified via email of the decision. Additionally, the student will be informed of next steps and any conditions and/or limitations for their return. Lastly, students are highly recommended to remain in contact and meet regularly with their case manager to assist with their transition back to campus and connect with appropriate resources to aid in their success both personally and professionally.

If you have any questions, contact the Dean of Students Office at 607-777-2804 or

Last Updated: 6/27/19