Technology Internship

Binghamton University Lyceum

Long-Term Project
Date and Location 01/27/2014 - 12/31/2015
Days of Work:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Time(s) of Day:
Morning, Afternoon
Binghamton University
Academic B Rm 130
Project Details
Project Category:
Internship, Service, Academic Service Learning Class (Unpaid)
Weekly Hours:
People Needed:
Undergraduate Students, Staff, Alumni, Faculty, Graduate Students, No Preference
Project Description
The Graduate School of Education and the Lyceum Program are pleased to offer an internship for teaching local seniors how they can enrich their lives by utilizing technology. At the beginning of the semester, the intern will receive surveys from senior citizens describing what kind of technology they wish to learn (e.g., how to talk to their grandchildren on Skype, how to use a particular kind of software, how to Twitter), some information about what kind of equipment they have (Mac, Ipad, smartphone, etc.). and what kind of internet access (if any) they have. The intern will look at the requests, choose the ones that he or she feels comfortable teaching, and then contact the Lyceum member to set up dates. The intern will come to the memberís home for an hour at a time, up to three times (though this could be flexible) and will give a personal tutorial to the Lyceum member using the equipment the member has. On the last visit, the member will fill out a confidential survey and send it to the Lyceum office. After each tutorial is completed, the intern will have a meeting with me and discuss the experience. I will have a series of questions for the intern, as well as suggestions, to make the experience as beneficial as possible to both parties. This internship would be particularly valuable for anyone interested in computer literacy, adult education, or working with the elderly.
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Application Needed:
Other Requirements

Knowledge of technology and the ability to teach the elderly.

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