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Binghamton Bridge (IMC)

Long-Term Project
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Sunday, Monday, Saturday
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No Preference
213 State St. First floor
Binghamton NY 13901
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Service (Unpaid)
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No Preference
Project Description
It is our vision that the progressive community has a way to communicate and promote ideas and activities to a wider audience. We believe in media that lets people speak for themselves and ask the community to use this resource to share ideas, news, and events. the binghamton bridge is a community news and events site open to progressive individuals and groups. This site is a project of the Binghamton IMC, which is managed by the Center for Gender, Art, and Culture. The Binghamton Bridge also publishes a weekly e-newsletter with events that community members load into the calendar. Citizen Journalists the bridge especially encourages activists to report on their own activities and to provide more in-depth understandings of issues in our community. By offering sharing perspectives, analysis, and information we can begin to appreciate each other's mission and therefore expand our base and become stronger as a community. Here are some guidelines for writing on this site: Eyewitness accounts of progressive actions and demonstrations Stories on issues ignored by for-profit media Stories on people or projects working towards social and economic justice Well-researched, accurate, timely articles Investigative reports exposing injustice Coverage of Binghamton and regional issues Stories on events affecting underrepresented groups Media analysis Information on new forms of organizing and of technology that promote social justice
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YES (must be a good writer or photographer)
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