Binghamton Bridge (IMC) (Non-profit)
c/o CGAC 213 State St. #1 | Binghamton NY 13901   [view map]
The Binghamton Bridge encourages grassroots groups and progressives to "become the media"; in other words, to write up their own news on their issues or groups and post it on our public access website, We publish a weekly e-calendar, and we loan equipment for community members to make videos of their activities. We need volunteers to post, edit, monitor the site, and to make videos and teach skills to community members. Those with reporting and writing skills are especially welcome to cover local news and events. The Binghamton Bridge site, which is part of the international Independent Media Center organization is locally sponsored by the Center for Gender, Art, and Culture.
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213 State St. First floor
Binghamton NY 13901
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