Liberty Partnerships (Non-profit)
Binghamton Universitt, PO Box 6000, Binghamton NY 13902-6000   [view map]
Mission: To provide a comprehensive set of supports and services to help ensure that our middle and high school students graduate and are fully prepared for post secondary education, work, and life.

Our Approach: We help our most vulnerable students achieve both personal and academic success by providing supports, interventions, and guidance during difficult transition periods and throughout their high school career. To accomplish this, we build and maintain one to one trusting relationships with our students and integrate valued partnerships to deliver:

• Academic Support
• College and Workforce Preparation
• Counseling
• Parent Engagement
• Cultural Enrichment

All efforts integrate a shared ownership of ongoing learning and development to support sustained success.

Guiding principles: These form our philosophy and successful approach for over 20 years.

Trust – the one to one trusting relationships formed with our students’ stands out as our foundation for success.

Partnerships – the sustained success of our most vulnerable youth depends on the close workings of established partnerships, committed to excellence and growth.

Excellence – every aspect of our approach strives for excellence; excellence in academics, excellence in personal relationships, and excellence in life.

Innovation – we seek to continually adapt our approach to respond to the needs of our youth and to answer the call from educational and leadership mandates.
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