New York Residents Against Drilling (Grass Roots Environmental Activists)
c/o 4011 Saddlemire Road | Binghamton, NY 13903   [view map]
New York Residents Against Drilling (NYRAD) is a grassroots network of local residents who are opposed to unconventional gas development in New York State.\r\n\r\nHigh volume hydraulic fracturing threatens our land, air, and water, jeopardizing the economic and physical health of our communities. Thousands of wells, many miles of pipelines, and large noisy compressor stations could turn our rural communities into giant industrial zones. Therefore, we are joining together to:educate ourselves and our neighbors about the long-term negative economic, environmental, health, and community impacts of gas extraction by hydraulic fracturing; advocate for legislation to safeguard our communities from these threats; encourage the development of alternative, green, sustainable energy sources; we believe that all people have a right to clean air and pure water, and that it is our duty to preserve and protect the natural, scenic, historic, and commercial assets of this beautiful state we live in, for ourselves and future generations.
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