Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition (Non-profit)
PO Box 907 | Binghamton NY 13902   [view map]
The major initiative of BRSC is the coordination of a movement called Binghamton Rising. Falling under the rubric of Localization, Binghamton Rising seeks to improve the quality of life in the Binghamton region today without compromising the quality of life of future generations. 1) Buy Local network - become involved in building a network and mobilizing the community through the 10% shift campaign; 2) Many Hands Food Co-op - make a difference in the field of food insecurity and improve the health and economies of low-moderate-income communities; 3) Event Planning/conference - be a part of planning and executing large and small events - inspiring and exciting; 4) Zero Waste: community approaches to recycling (Recycling Corps).....Skills needed/acquired: economic and community development, web/internet social networking, finance and accounting, database management, marketing and communications, graphics, volunteer management, grant writing and fundraising, surveying and research, sales, cooperative development, non-profit management, finance and accounting....this is a broad canvas that covers economics, social equity, and environmental issues
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