George F. Johnson Dream Center (Church Organization)
308 Main Street | Johnson City, NY 13790   [view map]
"Without a Vision, the people perish," and the vision for The George F. Johnson Dream Center is a springboard to action. The Dream Center looks to transcendent truths that center individuals holistically, while building relationships on common purpose. An incubator for creative solutions, it is a leadership center to keep the legacy of George F. Johnson alive, a legacy that says, "When individuals are extended goodwill and provided with opportunity, they are empowered to better themselves and their families. The Dream Center aims to build on the Johnson family legacy to keep the dream of George F., of a community based on the "Golden Rule," alive.

Mission Statement:

The George F. Johnson Dream Center will serve as a reminder that the Great Experiment of Self-Governance is only as good as the character of the individuals who are a part of her. The Center points individuals to find out who they are and why they are here, and connects such ones to others on this same high path.

Our Programs,

1. Light a spark to live a life of accomplishment based on purpose and meaning;

2. Provide tools and guidance for individuals to discover passions, gifts and talents;

3. Set a course for personal development through education and skills acquisition;

4. Introduce how Life Coaching as a life-long philosophy builds on past legacies and begins new ones for future generations.

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