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Engaged Scholarship

Examples of peer-reviewed scholarship exploring community engagement are listed below. Authors who are Binghamton University faculty are in bold. The third column indicates if the publication focuses on a community-based course project (teaching) or community-based research (research), be it by students or faculty.

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Field Publication Article Focus: Teaching/ Research
Science & Mathematics Jones, D., Bush, P. & Macaulay, A. (2014). Beyond Consent: Respect for Community in Genetic Research. In: eLS. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd: Chichester. T, R
Ottarino, D., Fraser, B., Dart-Kathios, L., & Williamson, M. Mathematics and Civic Engagement: New Opportunities for Students in the 21st Century. The Journal for Civic Commitment, 9(1). T
Engineering Dzombak, R. & Mehta, K. (2013). Scholarly Advances in Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship: A Typology of Research Publications. International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering, Special Edition, pp. 98-116. R
Bielefeldt, A. & Canney, N. (2014). Impacts of Service-Learning on the Professional Social Responsibility Attitudes of Engineering Students. International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering, 9(2), 47-63 T
Management & Business Lindenfeld, L. (2010). Working Outside the Box: Advertising Campaigns, Downtown Revitalization, and Community Engagement. Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education, 1(2). T
Pratt, C. & Pratt, J. (2010). New Generations of Global Entrepreneurs: Global Citizenship Through Work-Integrated Learning in the New Economy. Cooperative Education & Internship Association, 42, 1-8. T
Litzky, B.E., Godshalk, V. M. and Walton-Bongers, C. (2010). Social Entrepreneurship and Community Leadership: A Service-Learning Model for Management Education. Journal of Management Education 34, 142. T
Nursing Smith, M. (1994). The Clinical Nursing Preceptorship as a Working Model of Cooperative Education. The Journal of Cooperative Education and Internships, 1(30), 64-69. T
FitzPatrick, K. (2012). Learning Public Health Through Civic Issues. Science Education and Civic Engagement, 66-79. T, R
Education Mason-Williams, L., Frederick, J. R., & Mulcahy, C. A. (2014). Building Adaptive Expertise and Practice-Based Evidence: Applying the Implementation Stages Framework to Special Education Teacher Preparation. Teacher Education and Special Education: The Journal of the Teacher Education. DOI: 10.1177/0888406414551285. T
Buchannan, M., Baldwin, S., & Rudisill, M. (2002). Service Learning as Scholarship in Teacher Education. Educational Researcher, 31(30), 28-34. R
Wolf, A. & Laurier, L. Inquiry, Insight and Civic Engagement: Re-visioning the Community-Based Service Learning Project in Pre-Service Literacy Methods Courses. The Journal for Civic Commitment, 1(8). T
Daniels, K., Patterson, G., & Dunston, Y. (2010). Rules of Engagement: A Service Learning Pedagogy for Pre-service Teacher Education. The Journal for Civic Commitment, 15, 1-16. T
Anthropology Chilton, E. & Hart, S. (2009). Archaeology and Community Service Learning in the "Pioneer Valley." In Archaeological Practice and Community Service Learning, ed. Michael Nassaney and Mary Ann Levine, pp. 168-182. Gainesville: University of Florida Press. T, R
Psychology Harnish, R., & Bridges, K. (2012). Promoting Student Engagement: Using Community Service-Learning Projects in Undergraduate Psychology. PRISM: A Journal of Regional Engagement, 1 (2). T
Fox, J., Jones, K., Machtmes, K. & Cater, M. (2012). A Qualitative Examination of a Character Development Service Learning Project and its impact on Internalizing Virtues in College Students. Journal for Civic Commitment, 19, 1-19. T, R
Fine Arts & Humanities McLauchlan, J. (2011). The Courtroom as Classroom: Integrating Civic Engagement in Public Law Courses. Journal for Civic Commitment. 17, 1-17. T
Stoever, J. (2014). Toward a Civically Engaged Sound Studies, or (Re) Sounding Binghamton, Raquel Castro and Miguel Carvalhais, eds. Proceedings of Invisible Places / Sounding Cities. Sound Urbanism and Sense of Place. Viseu: 468-479. T
Yep, K. (2010). "For What You See as Just": Paula Freire and Asian American Studies in Community-Based Learning. Journal for Civic Commitment, 14(1), 1-10. T
Woodson, S. (2013). Specifying the Scholarship of Engagement 2.0: Skills in Facilitating Community-Based Projects in the Arts. Public: A Journal of Imagining America, 2(1). T, R
Public Administration Campbell, D. (2014). Practicing philanthropy in higher education: Cultivating engaged citizens and nonprofit sector professionals. Journal of Public Affairs Education. 20(2), 217-231. T
Lambright, K., & Alden, A. (2012). Voices from the Trenches: Faculty Perspectives on Support for Sustaining Service-Learning. Journal Of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 16(2), 9-46. R
Blitz, L. V., Kida, L., Gresham, M., & Bronstein, L. R. (2013). Prevention through collaboration: Family engagement with rural schools and families living in poverty. Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services, 94(3), 157-165. R
Squillace, Joseph. (2014). Short Immersion Trips for Rural Students in Social Work. Journal for Civic Commitment, 21, 1-15. T

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