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2011 Recovery

*NOTE: Before you begin a resource drive, keep in mind that organizations often prefer money over donated goods for a few key reasons: 1) collecting and transporting items is much less efficient than collecting and sending money; 2) coordinating the transport, delivery and distribution of goods is often difficult; 3) nonprofits are often able to partner with companies to acquire large amounts of in-kind donations such as bottled water and new clothing. If after seriously considering these points, you still decide a resource drive is the best way to help, think about the following:

CCE Guides to Conducting Fundraisers and Resource Drives

The CCE has developed guides for those interested in conducting their own fundraisers and resource drives to support those affected by Sandy. Please see below for PDF links.

CCE Guide to Planning Fundraisers
CCE Guide to Planning Resource Drives

Tips on Giving in Times of Crisis

Last Updated: 8/5/15