Ask Big Questions

Binghamton University partners with Ask Big Questions (ABQ) to bring students together for conversations that engage and connect diverse members of a community while building trust and understanding.

What is an Ask Big Questions conversation?

  • These reflective small-group conversations can be facilitated by staff or students in residence halls, on service trips and all around campus.
  • They begin with a single Big Question that matters to everyone and that everyone can answer.
  • They help strengthen civic habits of listening, civility and engaging in diverse perspectives.
  • Regardless of participants' backgrounds or views, these conversations offer needed opportunities to see and hear each other more deeply.


Conversations are structured in a four-part format:

  • Ask: Facilitators frame conversations by asking Big Questions that matter to everyone, and that everyone can answer.
  • Share: Big Questions lead to conversations where participants share personal stories to build trust and understanding.
  • Learn: Participants discuss and reflect on a text, image or video to broaden and deepen the conversation.
  • Do: Participants connect the conversation to their lives and communities.