Binghamton University Community Schools

What Are Community Schools?

Community Schools build bridges between community resources, placing the school at the core of the community, to support youth, families and neighborhoods within and beyond the doors of the classroom. Through integrating community resources, community schools combat intergenerational poverty and create a more equitable school environment leading to increased student success and stronger communities.

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Our Mission

Supporting development of community schools by fostering collaborative partnerships to connect communities, families, schools, youth, and higher education.

Schools have always been the heart of our communities —where students learn to be good citizens, where families come together for a common cause, where towns find pride … students perform their best — and are happiest — when their parents and educators work together, when their families get the support they need — as soon as they need it. 

First Lady Jill Biden, Communities in Schools (CIS) Leadership Town Hall Conference, October 2022

Senator Gillibrand supports Community Schools

Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger and CCPA Dean Laura Bronstein were joined by U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand at the University Downtown Center to show support for the Full-Service Community School Expansion Act of 2021. Read more

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The University-Assisted Community School (UACS) partners universities alongside community resources and the school system focusing on academics, social support and civic engagement.
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Supporting Success For All Students

Partnerships and Initiatives