Alison Twang

Associate Director

Center for Civic Engagement


Allison Twang's work in civic engagement crosses a number of disciplines, with particular relevance to student development and public administration. Twang's research interests are focused on civic learning, higher education community engagement and campus-community partnerships. Specifically, she is interested in exploring how various community engagement project or course structures impact student learning, and the community outcomes that result from higher education community engagement.

Twang is the assistant director of the Binghamton University Center for Civic Engagement (CCE). Twang is responsible for promoting, developing and expanding community engagement opportunities for students, with a particular focus on community-based programming and student democratic engagement. Before joining CCE, I worked in the nonprofit sector, focusing on philanthropy and student and young adult civic engagement.

Research Interests

  • higher education community engagement
  • and campus-community partnerships
  • civic learning