headshot of Lisa V. Blitz

Lisa V. Blitz


Lisa V. Blitz, PhD, LCSW-R, is a social worker, researcher and educator with 25 years of experience in mental health and social justice centering on culturally responsive trauma-informed practice and organizational development. She received her BA from California State University, Los Angeles, and completed her MSSW and PhD at Columbia University.

Dr. Blitz is currently an associate professor in the Binghamton University Department of Social Work and Co-Director of the Institute for Multigenerational Studies. She is engaged in community-based participatory research with urban and rural schools to develop practice approaches that eliminate disproportionately negative outcomes for students of color and students who are economically disadvantaged.

Current research projects include:

  • Community-based participatory research to develop and test a culturally responsive, trauma-informed model for schools to enhance student engagement and reduce disproportionately negative outcomes for students of color and students who are economically disadvantaged
  • Understanding and addressing the professional development and team-building needs of elementary school teachers and classroom support staff to integrate trauma-informed methods into school climate initiatives and classroom management strategies
  • Identifying and testing methods to link teaching and classroom management strategies with knowledge about the neurophysiological impact of trauma and toxic stress to enhance student engagement in high schools
  • Assessing the impact of professional development activities with school personnel designed to integrate culturally responsive practices to engage students and families of color and those who are financially poor


  • MSSW, PhD, Columbia University
  • BA, California State University Los Angeles

Research Interests

  • Culturally responsive trauma-informed approaches for schools
  • Asset-based community development in rural places
  • Secondary trauma as manifest in organizations
  • International service learning


  • Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service