International Opportunities

International travel promotes an appreciation for other cultures, other languages, the national history of other countries, and the problems and contributions of other countries. CCPA and OCIP support international travel, both long and short term, for promoting a better understanding of and appreciation for other people, cultures,  religions, and geographies.

CCPA International Programs and Initiatives

CCPA is developing an impressive portfolio of international opportunities for students. Undergraduate and graduate students can work and travel with CCPA faculty to:

  • China
  • Peru
  • South Africa

CCPA faculty are also working on scholarly initiatives in Cuba, Columbia, and Turkey. 

OCIP has a strong relationship with the Office of International Programs and is working to ensure that CCPA students have access to Study Abroad advising and program announcements.

Stop by OCIP today, to discuss international initiatives. 

Last Updated: 7/24/15