Philanthropy Incubator

Promoting active citizenship

The Philanthropy Incubator was established by Binghamton University in 2008. The University’s Philanthropy Incubator program consists of undergraduate and graduate students within CCPA and across the University who are taught about the role nonprofit organizations play in addressing community needs, and ways to manage and lead nonprofit organizations effectively.

The Philanthropy Incubator has donated more than $125,000 in funds to local organizations since its establishment. Past grant recipients have included the Broome County Urban League, UHS youth programs, and even to organizations abroad.

The students also learn about the importance of philanthropy, the giving of time and money, to ensure charitable organizations have the resources they need in order to make a difference for communities.

Ultimately, the Philanthropy Incubator instills graduates with skills and passions to contribute to making the world a better place through giving. Professors and students alike feel that the program is an embodiment of the University’s emphasis on active citizenship.