Dean congratulates 2020 grads

CCPA Graduating Class of 2020,

This is not the commencement you were expecting today and it’s not the commencement I hoped to share with you. My image was looking each of you in your eyes, shaking your hand, smiles blazing, taking a photograph together, congratulating you, your family members and friends who traveled from far and near for this most momentous occasion.

Instead our lives are upended – some far more than others – with a pandemic with impacts so far-reaching and uncertain, none of us could have imagined it.

Yet while COVID-19 continues to take so much from us, please allow yourself to feel pride amidst the pain and losses we confront today - pride that you have worked relentlessly to be able to graduate today, and that this accomplishment is that much greater than if you were graduating in “normal” times. Please let the fact that you persevered amidst the most dire circumstances, drive you on to what brought you to CCPA in the first place – to make a difference – to build a world that is better, that is more prepared to handle future catastrophes, that in the best cases averts these catastrophes altogether, a future that values science and facts, and acts on those facts with love and compassion.

When I look ahead into the uncertainty currently with us and wonder what life in the future will be for my six-month old grandson, Nicholas, what comforts me is knowing that those of you graduating from CCPA today have not only the knowledge, but the wisdom, the passion, the dedication and the values to build the world of the future to one as good as it can possibly be. My faith in the future is optimistic because you – the CCPA graduating class of 2020 – is going out into the world.

Congratulations and Godspeed.

All my best,
Dean Bronstein/Laura

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