International Education

The college aims to be a model for linking local and global issues through education. Students who learn through an international experience also bring back best practices and new perspectives through which they apply to their education and work at home.

Students are encouraged to study abroad, at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels. We advise students to get an early start in looking into international opportunities available through Binghamton University Office of International Programs and the entire SUNY system.

Two Binghamton University study-abroad programs were established by professors in the Departments of Human Development, Public Administration and Social Work. They have been increasingly popular for CCPA students to participate in:

  • Malawi: The two-week service-learning trip to Malawi, Africa focuses on asset-based community development in three rural communities. Students and professors work closely with the Malawi Children’s Mission, a non-governmental organization that serves as a feeding center for 150 orphaned children, a school for 60 children from preschool to fourth grade, and an after-school program for children of all ages.
  • Peru: The three-week language immersion experience takes students to Cusco, Peru and provides an opportunity for them to gain exposure in the history and culture of the Andres region. Students participate in service activities and learn about issues related to sustainability, cultural identity, social equity and environmental justice.

Binghamton University offers 40 study-abroad and national exchange programs. You also have access to more than 1,000 study-abroad programs sponsored by State University of New York (SUNY) institutions. Nearly one in five Binghamton students studies or interns abroad.

Students interested in study abroad should explore CCPA’s scholarships and funding opportunities, some of which are specifically dedicated to students looking to globalize their degrees.