Commitment to Racial Justice

The injustices that have transpired over the past several months have forced institutions and individuals throughout the country to make a choice to create change and address racism, or to maintain the status quo: white supremacy and systemic oppression.

The Fleishman Center started on the journey of change to become a more inclusive and equitable center by completing a 4-day intensive Anti-Racism Workshop* to close out 2020. Through this workshop, we began the process of examining whiteness, privilege, bias and social identity to inform the kind of inclusive and anti-racist culture we are committed to creating. 

At the Fleishman Center, we are committed to continuing our work in this area through additional training, professional development and open and inclusive dialogue with students, staff, faculty and partners. We have established a Diversity and Social Justice Working Group to continue leading future activities and to develop an anti-racist action plan for the Fleishman Center. 

We look forward to listening to our students, embedding new practices within our work, making the necessary changes to move forward and sharing our growth and transformation with you.

Our Goals

We will continue these much needed conversations about racial and social justice.

We commit to individually and collectively educating ourselves on Black history, marginalized communities histories, racial and other intersectional social justice issues. 

We commit to listening to and prioritizing student voices in addition to partnering with multicultural student groups and organizations.

We will be intentional when developing and providing programming to ensure that topics, presenters, and partnerships are reflective of our campus community with the goal of equal representation.

We will reflect on societal standards regarding workplace professionalism, who is constructing those standards, and devote more resources into partnering with employers that are committed to equitable hiring practices.

We will enhance partnerships with Black-owned and other minority-owned businesses in an effort to address larger economic equities.

We will reevaluate our department’s mission and vision to ensure that social justice and equity are guiding principles in all of our work.

Black Lives Matter.
Black Minds Matter.
Black Futures Matter.

*The Anti-Racism Workshop sessions were facilitated by the founders of the Binghamton Witnessing Whiteness Community, Dr. Marguerite Wilson, Assistant Professor of Human Development at Binghamton University and Mr. Lawrence Parham, CEO and co-founder of C.A.R.E.S. (Community Advocates Restoring Education Standards) Advocates for Families Inc.