Career Consultants and Professional Staff

Alexis Avery

Lexie Avery, MS '15
Assistant Director, Early Engagement and Exploration

Lexie develops career-related programming for students in residence communities, and coordinates Connections for Success, our award-winning sophomore professional development retreat. She especially enjoys working with students who are exploring their interests and majors, and seeks to help them understand that there are many career options, not just one linear path.
Career Communities:
  • College of Community and Public Affairs
  • Athletics, Center for Civic Engagement, Sophomores in Discovery/Exploring Students, Nonprofit, and Emerging Leaders
Judy Bernier

Judy Bernier
Experiential Education Assistant

Judy is responsible for registering students for Career Development Centralized Internships (CDCI) and all that these internships entail, whether it is placing students in their classes or following up with them for mid-semester and final evaluations. Coming from a background in banking, she is excited to discover the world of career development within the warm community that is the Fleishman Center.

Kathie Boyce

Kathie Boice
Events and Operations Coordinator

Kathie coordinates all of the logistics for the Fleishman Center’s annual Job and Internship Fairs and assists students and employers in the interview suite. She also is a primary contact for users in hireBING and finds great satisfaction in helping students as they navigate job and internship interviews in the suite.
Career Communities:

  • Harpur College of Arts and Sciences: Fine Arts
 Sylvia Chow

Sylvia Chow '08, MBA '10
Business Coordinator

Sylvia Chow is the business coordinator for the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development and the Center for Civic Engagement. She manages fiscal operations of both offices through developing internal financial tracking mechanisms and monitoring budgets to keep programs apprised of spending needs. Sylvia also oversees all financial processes to ensure compliance with SUNY and NYS procedures. A two-time Binghamton alumna, Sylvia comes from a career in budgeting for public education.


Sophia Givre ’11, MA ’13, PhD ’17
Career Consultant

Sophia helps manage the Fleishman Center’s academic internship program (CDCI). She cultivates new internship sites for students, supports the internship seminar registration process, and oversees the Student Affairs Internship Fund. She also oversees the Johnson City Middle School Mentor Program, providing an opportunity for Binghamton students to explore career options while serving the community. Sophia was a first-generation college student and Clark Fellowship recipient that received a PhD in sociology, so she is passionate about and experienced in helping students from underrepresented backgrounds unlock their true potential and find successful career paths.

Erica Kryst

Erica Kryst, M. Ed., ABD
Senior Associate Director of Career Experiences and Education

Erica is an experienced career counselor who seeks to serve the unique needs of graduate and international students. She enjoys learning about different cultures and values the unique perspectives international students bring to a college campus. As a PhD candidate in education herself, Erica also is passionate about the career development and success of graduate students. Erica also meets one-on-one with students and facilitates programs and events that help students practice and improve their interviewing skills.
Career Communities:

  • School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • The Graduate School
  • Graduate Students, International Students, ISSS, Dual Diploma Program, and MAALS Program
 Jessica Lane Headshot

Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi
Career Consultant

With a background in International Development, Jessica is devoted to connecting students with life-changing internship and career opportunities globally. She is passionate about supporting students to build a strong professional and academic track record in internationally focused careers. She manages both the 2-year Jewish Foundation for the Education of Women (JFEW) SUNY International Relations and Global Affairs Program and the 4-year JFEW/Binghamton Leadership and Career Development Program.
Career Communities:

  • Harpur College of Arts and Sciences: Interdisciplinary and
    Cross-Disciplinary Programs
  • International Careers and IEGI
 Tammy Lindow

Tammy Lindow '06
Assistant to the Director

Tammy provides administrative assistance to both the Fleishman Center and the Center for Civic Engagement staff, including budget support, travel and HR transactions, and logistical support for all events. Tammy joins the Fleishman Center after five years of working in administrative support in Watson College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. She earned her degree from what is now known as Binghamton's College of Community and Public Affairs.

Denise Lorenzetti

Denise Lorenzetti '94, MBA '97

Fleishman Center Director Denise Lorenzetti, a two-time Binghamton University alumna, worked in industry for 23 years prior to beginning her tenure in career services. Lorenzetti began her tenure in career services in 2012, pursuing her passion for leading students toward successful career journeys as the founding director of the Career and Alumni Connections Office for Watson College of Engineering. Before moving into the Director role, Lorenzetti served as the chief strategist in overhauling employer outreach recruitment to increase opportunities for students. Lorenzetti's direction sets the stage for the Fleishman Center, which works to collaborate with the campus, community, alumni and employers to inform and empower students to achieve their maximum career potential. 
Career Communities:

  • Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Colleen McAvoy

Colleen McAvoy
Career Information and Office Support

Colleen McAvoy represents the Fleishman Center at the information desk, answering questions for students, employers and parents, helping connect students to the resources they need. She assists in supervising the student staff at the front desk manages the dissemination of Fleishman Center events in the Binghamton calendar, B-engaged and hireBING.

Bill McCarthy

Bill McCarthy, M. Ed.
Senior Alumni and Employer Services Associate

Bill is a 25+ year career services professional who is devoted to supporting students’ success through strategic career planning and education. He also has successfully helped employers recruit Binghamton students for jobs and internships to grow their organizations. 
Career Communities:

  • Entrepreneurship
Lindsey Murtland

Lindsey Murtland
Senior Associate Director of Engagement and Operations

Lindsey leads the employer and alumni outreach and development efforts to support the recruitment of Binghamton University students for internships and full-time employment. She works closely with organizations to grow their campus recruiting programs and works with the Fleishman Center’s Key Recruiting Partners to enhance their engagement and brand recognition on campus. In addition, Lindsey works closely with the Alumni Association to provide events and opportunities that connect students with successful Binghamton alumni. She also oversees the systems and processes of the Fleishman Center to ensure activities are aligned with the Center’s strategic plan.

Laura O'Neill

Laura O’Neill '07, MA '08
Career Consultant in Residence

Laura makes the Fleishman Center resources more accessible to students by offering programming and consulting in residential communities on campus. Her favorite part of the job is helping students realize that although we offer the resources, they ultimately have the answers they need to find fulfilling careers.
Career Communities:

  • Residential Life: Student Apartments - Hillside, Susquehanna and Mountainview
  • Harpur College of Arts and Sciences: Harpur Advising and Harpur Edge
  • New Student Programs and Orientation, Transfer Students, Family/Parent Programs, and BAP
Manar Sabry

Manar Sabry, PhD
Senior Assistant Director, Strategic Analysis

Manar oversees the development and establishment of multi-dimensional data and assessment process. She manages the development of a variety of tools and techniques using current and historical data to analyze student outcomes, and track success measures such as post-graduation destinations, internship placements, and career readiness. She coordinates and conducts studies in support of ​Fleishman's leadership team as well as for ​campus decision-making related to student ​success​.​

Brandy Smith

Brandy Smith, M. Ed.
Senior Assistant Director, Operations and Data

Brandy focuses on operations and data analysis of the Fleishman Center. She oversees the hireBING by Handshake career management system as well as on campus recruiting and the Center's Interview Suite. Brandy also handles the day-today office metrics and data for the Fleishman Center. 
Career Communities:

  • School of Management
Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith
Career Consultant Assistant in Residence

As someone who switched his major more than five times as an undergraduate and admits he wishes he utilized his University's career services more often, Jordan brings awareness to students of how helpful career resources can be. He meets with students right in their residential communities, in addition to holding walk-in appointments in the Fleishman Center. Jordan also coordinates the Graduate School Fair and Law Day.
Career Communities:

  • Residential Life: Newing and Dickinson
  • Pre-Law, Undergraduate Research, Fellowships and Scholarships, Greek Life, and University Scholars
Kelli Smith

Kelli Smith, PhD
Assistant Vice President, Student Success

Kelli has more than 24 years of experience in higher education and has published extensively. Prior institutions include University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), Nebraska Wesleyan, Georgetown University, Doane College and Indiana University, primarily in career services. Kelli is passionate about college student success, trends in career services, student leadership development and higher education.

Cassie Spencer

Cassie Spencer, M. Ed.
Assistant Director, Internship and Career Education

Cassie creates professional development programs to give students the tools they need to succeed in the work world. She also coordinates the Career Development Centralized Internship (CDCI) Program. As someone who changed career paths as a result of internship experiences, Cassie understands firsthand the importance of linking interests to careers.
Career Communities:

  • Adult Learners and Veterans

Alissa Strong

Alissa Strong
Senior Assistant Director, Technology Innovation and Marketing

Alissa manages the state-of-the-art technology available in the Fleishman Center and assists staff and students with finding ways to better utilize it to support student development. With a background in marketing, Alissa also coordinates strategic marketing initiatives to engage students, works with staff to develop engaging marketing materials and manages the Center's website.

Erin Wise

Erin Wise
Assistant Director, Mentorship and Diversity Initiatives

As the Career Consultant in Residence for the Hinman and College-in-the-Woods communities, Erin makes the Fleishman Center resources more accessible to students by offering workshops and career consulting in the residential communities as well as in the Fleishman Center. With a background in social work, Erin is well equipped to guide students through their unique processes of career exploration as they build confidence in their skills and abilities that will prepare them for their careers.

Career Communities

  • Hinman
  • College-in-the-Woods
  • EOP, TRiO, Student Support Services, Students of Color, Dean of Students and LGBTQ