Career Clusters

Career clusters are groups of similar career paths developed to help students easily explore a variety of career options and organize the job or internship search. Career clusters are purposefully not attached to academic majors because majors don’t dictate career paths. Career clusters can help students:

  • Understand that major doesn’t always equal career
  • Expose students to a wide variety of career fields/areas and roles
  • Demonstrate the value of the transferable skills you are gaining both in and outside of the classroom.

There are 7 career clusters to choose from:

  1. Exploring
  2. Arts & Communication
  3. Business & Entrepreneurship
  4. Education & Human Services
  5. Engineering & IT
  6. Government, Policy & Law
  7. Science & Healthcare

Faculty and staff are welcome to join career cluster(s), too! By joining, you can receive the same career information related to your field that students receive - we’d encourage you to join a career cluster, or two! You can receive weekly emails with new job and internship opportunities, events, and articles all related to your field that you can share with your students.