Connections for Success

Help Students Engage in Professional Development

Connections for Success is a program created by the Fleishman Center to engage sophomore students in conversations and help them expand their professional development and leadership skills. This program provides students with the tools they will need early in their career development process, helping them to make educated career decisions and preparing them for success.

To direct your donation to support this program, please include "Connections for Success" in the special instructions/comments box when making your donation.

Sophomore year is the ideal time to further explore potential career paths and internships to prepare for these careers. Students chosen for this program are invited to participate in a selective weekend professional development retreat. The retreat is led by alumni, employers, staff and student mentors who have previously participated in the retreat. These sessions prepare students with the tools necessary to be competitive applicants for internships and jobs, and to succeed in life beyond Binghamton University.

The cohort represents a diverse student presence and consists of students from all schools across campus, the Educational Opportunity Program, and Student Support Services. Through this program, we engage student populations who may otherwise not have an opportunity to be immersed in such rich career exploration and professional development.

By taking students off-campus and into a new environment, they are removed from the distractions and sameness of campus, and truly embrace the exploration and development that occurs during the retreat.

Your Support at Work

It is imperative that students develop the professional skills necessary to be successful in their careers. This innovative and award-winning program encourages students to hone their professional skills and learn about effective leadership from alumni and other professionals. Through your support, the Fleishman Center will be able to host students of diverse financial backgrounds for this important program.

Your support will offset many costs, including:

  • Transportation to and from the retreat
  • Housing and meals for students
  • Teambuilding activities
  • Session supplies
  • Payment for students mentors

Success Stories

I am MORE OPTIMISTIC ABOUT MY FUTURE CAREER AND GOALS than I was before. I learned so much from listening to the alumni’s experiences and learned practical strategies I could apply to job hunting and interviews.

-Student attendee


Throughout this retreat, I definitely made some really close connections with my mentees. I was able to see what my strengths were and really used them to HELP CREATE A BETTER ENVIRONMENT FOR THE SOPHOMORES WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE PROGRAM.

-Student mentor attendee


The varying interests, majors, experiences, skills and career trajectories in the room cultivated a rich diversity of thought and allowed for a powerful, expanded perspective. Those students that started the weekend off a little timid were quick to PUSH THEMSELVES, SPEAK UP AND SHOWCASE THEIR PERSONAL BRAND by the close of the retreat.

-Alumna attendee