What is a micro-internship?

Micro-internships are short-term projects or internships where students can collaborate with employers and/or Binghamton University alumni on research or other projects that will provide a learning opportunity while meeting a workplace need. These opportunities will enable students to prototype different careers as well as build mentoring relationships and professional networks they can maintain beyond the experience.

Duration and timing 

We encourage alumni and employers to offer micro-internships during the academic semesters or winter break. 

  • View the academic calendar for semester and start and end dates.
  • Micro-internships typically range between 2-4 weeks and 10-35 hours per week, however, terms are flexible and predicated based on the nature of the highly specific, project-based work.
  • Employers/alumni and students can negotiate the specific terms as each individual situation or need may vary.
  • Employers/alumni are encouraged to speak with students about their courseload to assess feasibility of a continued internship. 
  • When developing a micro-internship, consider additional supports and supplies that students might need to complete the experience, including laptops, printers, wifi access and security. 

How to post a micro-internship

If you would like to specifically recruit Binghamton University students:

1. Login to hireBING by Handshake. If you do not have an account, follow these steps to create a Handshake employer user account or join your company’s existing Handshake account.  Be sure to connect with Binghamton University.  

2. Once your Handshake account is approved by the Fleishman Center, post the opportunity.

  • For position type, select “Internship.”
  • For position title: Label the opportunity as: Micro-Intern: Position Title (Semester). Example: Micro-Intern: Data Analytics (Spring).
  • If you are a Binghamton University alumnus, please include the term “Alumni Host” in the micro-internship job title. Example: Micro-Intern: Data Analytics (Spring - Alumni Host).

3. Complete the required job posting information. To ensure the greatest number of applicants, the Fleishman Center recommends not selecting labels on the preferences page (ie: school year preference, major categories) of Handshake's job posting page. 

If you have any questions or need additional support, please contact the Fleishman Center at hirebing@binghamton.edu.

Posting micro-internships with Parker Dewey:

Binghamton University has also partnered with Parker Dewey, a micro-internship platform that connects hundreds of employers to a large network of schools and millions of candidates.  For more information or to post a project on this platform, please visit the Parker Dewey website


Employers and alumni should pay micro-interns fair market value for their work.  A competitive pay will also result in a larger pool of applicants. At minimum, an organization should consider paying micro-interns minimum wage for their work.  To determine New York’s minimum wage, please use New York State Department of Labor’s Wage Calculator.   

The Fleishman Center will not approve an unpaid micro-internship unless it is in accordance with the Department of Labor’s Fair Labor Standards Act. 

Micro-intern eligibility

All Binghamton University undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for micro-internships. If hiring international students, consider the timeline restrictions outlined below.  International students may need to meet additional program-specific requirements.

Hiring timeline recommendations for micro-internships 

Micro-internship positions can be posted at any time throughout the semester, but the following are recommended: 

  • For fall 2022 opportunities, employers and alumni are encouraged to post opportunities in Handshake as they become available.
  • For winter break opportunities, the Fleishman Center recommends that employers and alumni post opportunities in Handshake and offer positions to students by mid-November.
  • For spring 2023 opportunities, the Fleishman Center recommends that employers and alumni post opportunities in Handshake and offer positions to students by the end of January.
  • It is recommended that employers give students 5-7 business days to make a decision on whether they would like to accept an opportunity. 

Hiring timelines differ for international students. Undergraduate and graduate international students hired for a micro-internship must receive off campus work authorization (CPT, OPT or AT) before they can begin. Note that OPT authorization can take up to 120 days for processing. More information about employment for international students can be found through our International Student and Scholar Services Office.  

Host eligibility and expectations

  • Offer valuable learning opportunities.  
  • Can be virtual or in person (if adhering to public health recommendations) 
  • Provide a paid experience.
  • Hosts are encouraged to foster connections and/or mentoring relationships with students. For example, scheduling regular check-in meetings with students, consider connecting students to relevant colleagues within the organization.


If you have any questions on posting a micro-internship, please contact the Fleishman Center at hirebing@binghamton.edu.