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Job and Internship Fairs

Every semester, the Fleishman Career Center hosts job and internship fairs to connect students with recruiters. Students of all majors and class years are encouraged to attend the job and internship fairs as they are excellent opportunities to discover jobs and internships, grow their professional networks and explore career options.

Students attending the Fall Job and Internship Fair
Students attending the Fall Job and Internship Fair.
Fall semester: Fall Job and Internship Fair
The Fall Job and Internship Fair is our largest on-campus recruiting event of the year and typically sees a turnout of around 150 employers and 2,000 students. 

Spring semester: Industry-specific Job and Internship Fairs
During the spring semester, the Fleishman Career Center organizes 2–3 industry-specific jobs and internship fairs. These fairs are smaller in size and industry-focused to help students connect with employers in their fields of interest.

Job and Internship Fair Resources


The CONNECT program takes students to different cities across the United States with large pockets of Binghamton alumni. The program is composed of Employer Treks and a Networking Night with the local branch of the alumni association.

Students attending an Employer Trek at Disney/ABC Studios in NYC. Group of students standing behind a news anchor desk.
Students attending an Employer Trek at Disney/ABC Studios in NYC.
Employer Treks are a series of visits to employer office locations where students are able to learn more about participating organizations. Typically, each trek lasts about 1.5–2 hours and is unique for every organization, but typically features a presentation about the organization, human resources information, diversity initiative information, a panel of Binghamton alumni or recent hires, a question and answer period, and opportunities for networking. Sometimes there may also be a company tour. Employer Treks are valuable opportunities for students to get insider information about organizations and industries that interest them, as well as grow their professional networks. Employers can use the CONNECT Employer Treks as recruiting opportunities and to help build their brand with students. 

The Networking Night portion of the CONNECT program allows students to connect with Binghamton alumni who are living and working in the destination city. Students are able to meet successful alumni and start conversations to learn more about their career paths, get valuable advice, and grow their networks. 

This program is designed to be financially accessible and has minimal costs to students. The Office of Alumni Engagement covers many of the costs associated with traveling to and staying in Boston, D.C., and Silicon Valley.

CONNECT Locations

Kickstart Your Career

Kickstart is a pre-arrival program designed to support first year students in their career exploration process. Through collaborative workshops led by career consultants and peer mentors, students learn techniques and strategies to explore career paths, identify ways to gain experience, find leadership opportunities, and apply to part-time jobs before the semester even starts. A few sample sessions include Building Community and Connections, Identifying Your Strengths, Career Exploration and Action Planning and more!

Participating students will:

  • Develop a career exploration action plan to help identify academic and career interests
  • Build a network of peers and staff to support their exploration
  • Connect to on-campus career resources including career consultants and services that will assist them with career development goals throughout their time at Binghamton
  • Learn how to use hireBING, Binghamton’s robust online job and internship search network

Students will be paired with a peer mentor that works in the Fleishman Career Center. This mentor will be a great resource for students throughout their time at Binghamton. 

Incoming students interested in learning more about Kickstart can email

Diversity Roundtable

Students and employer sitting around a table and networking.
Students networking with employers at the Diversity Roundtable event (2022).
The Diversity Roundtable is a collaborative effort between the Fleishman Career Center and the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) to bring together students who value workplace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) with employers actively working to promote it over a networking dinner. The Roundtable serves as both a discussion forum about DEI in the workplace and an opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds to network with employers. The event breaks students into small groups for discussions to ensure that all attendees have a chance to speak with employers on a personal level. Students can learn about job and internship opportunities with companies looking to recruit diverse talent in fields ranging from education to accounting and beyond. Read more about the 2022 Diversity Roundtable. 

Multicultural Career Fair Flip

Female student sitting down behind a table for a Greek life organization that is covered with pictures and project examples.
A student tabling for her organization at the Multicultural Career Fair Flip.
Every spring, the Fleishman Career Center flips the traditional career fair setup and gives diverse student organizations the opportunity to table for recruiters. Participating students bring posters, photos, and sample items to showcase the various projects and initiatives they have led throughout the academic year. The program puts the spotlight on students and gives them a platform to discuss their leadership and project experience with recruiters. Students at all levels of the organization, from the eboard to first-year members, are welcome to the event and are encouraged to bring their resumes as well as talking points about their organizations and experiences. Participating employers can use this fair to learn more about student organizations on campus and create partnerships that will allow them to tap into pools of talented students for job and internship opportunities.  Read more about this program in BingUNews.

On-Campus Jobs Fair

Binghamton University is proud to employ approximately 3,000 students in various part-time positions across campus. Students of all majors and class years gain valuable experience through supporting the University in a variety of capacities, including running social media accounts, providing tech support, driving buses, tutoring peers, analyzing data, and so much more. Every semester, the Fleishman Career Center's Student Employment Team organizes an On-Campus Jobs Fair that connects students to open positions with on-campus departments. Students can use this fair as an opportunity to connect with hiring managers and discover part-time positions that are a good match for their skills and interests. The Student Employment Team also organizes educational programming for students to teach them how to submit high-quality job applications and supports them through the hiring process. The fair also contains programs for supervisors to teach them how to elevate their open roles and ensure that students are learning important transferable job skills through their on-campus jobs. 

If you are a student seeking support with finding an on-campus job, please email

Graduate Schools Fair and Law Day

One in three Binghamton students pursue further education, and the Fleishman Career Center supports students through the process of searching for and applying to graduate programs that will help them reach their career goals. Every fall, the Fleishman Center organizes a Graduate and Professional Schools Fair where graduate programs from across the country send representatives to table and speak with students about their institutions. Students have an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about programs of interest, as well as discover new programs they may have been previously unaware of. Additionally, the Fleishman Center collaborates with Harpur Pre-Law Advising to connect pre-law students with law schools in a separate fair. Law Day consists of a networking breakfast where students can connect with law school representatives over a complementary breakfast followed by a traditional fair with law schools tabling for students interested in law. Read more about Law Day.

Students interested in attending one of these fairs can review the Fleishman Career Center's tips for success.