High-Impact Learning

The Fleishman Center is committed to helping students find meaningful and rewarding opportunities through the University’s largest credit-bearing internship program. These high-impact learning experiences help our students become global citizens, successful professionals and lifelong learners, while developing workplace readiness.

Internship Opportunities

Career Development Centralized Internship Program (CDCI)

CDCI is the largest credit-bearing internship program at Binghamton University. We partner with local, regional, national and international agencies to provide students with endless opportunities to build career-readiness skills, and the highly regarded curriculum is overseen by a faculty-led Academic Council. Students can earn up to eight CDCI credits that will count towards graduation.

Annually, more than 1,000 students earn academic credit through CDCI internships.


Offer Internships for Credit Toward Major

The Fleishman Center offers academic departments the opportunity to partner and offer credit for high-impact experiential learning. Through the CDCI Program, departments may decide to accept upper-level CDCI credits to count toward major requirements. If you're interested in reviewing our syllabi or learning more, contact cdci@binghamton.edu.

Components of a High-Quality Internship

In accordance with the SUNY Applied Learning Initiative and NACE standards for high-impact learning, CDCI internships are structured to facilitate professional growth, self-reflection and evaluation so students grow from their experiences. Employers are expected to offer meaningful educational projects throughout the internships and students must be supervised by staff who are committed to imparting professional skills and knowledge that complement students’ learning objectives for the semester. Concurrent internship seminars encourage self-reflection and professional development through the NACE Career Readiness Competencies, and all classes are supervised by the faculty-led CDCI Academic Council to ensure highest pedagogical standards are met.