How Fleishman Career Center Works with Faculty

Bring Career Information to Your Class
In our ongoing outreach efforts, Fleishman Career Center staff is interested in identifying opportunities to connect with undergraduate and graduate students through the classroom.

Class Visit
Consider inviting a Career Center staff member for a:
  • 10 minute "commercial" about Career Center services
  • Class presentation, (for part of or the entire class period) on topics such as:
    • overview of Fleishman Career Center services
    • how to explore careers
    • your major and your career
    • resume writing, cover letter writing, effective interviewing
    • how to find an internship
    • how to find a job
    • professional etiquette
    • other career-related topic of interest.

We also can help out in a pinch:
If you need to or are considering canceling a class, just contact us to see if we are available to make a presentation instead. Fleishman Career Center can assist in arranging class presentations by professionals (many of them alumni), who can talk about their experiences and how their major has helped them in their careers.

Integrate Career Assignments into the Course Curriculum

  • Include a required or optional assignment to prepare a resume and/or cover letter. If you would like to require students to have their drafts reviewed in Career Center please coordinate a due date with your school's/college's Career Center liaison listed below.
  • Include an oral or written report on an informational interview with a Binghamton alumnus or other professional about their career.

Blackboard and Department Website
Consider linking Career Center's website among important resources

Contact Your Career Center Liaison to explore ideas for working together:

Join, and Encourage Your Department's Alumni to Join, the Binghamton University Alumni Association Professional Network
Through the Binghamton University Alumni Association Professional Network on LinkedIn, students and alumni can tap an expansive group of alumni for networking. Current students looking to learn about career fields, expand their professional network, and/or improve job search strategies, are encouraged to join the LinkedIn subgroup specifically for student-to-alumni professional networking. Included in the Student-to-Alumni Professional Network subgroup is a network of Binghamton alumni who have volunteered to be contacted by current students regarding their career. Alumni network volunteers can provide information and assistance whether you are conducting a job search, considering graduate school or contemplating a career change. Although the Network is not an employment or placement program, it is designed to help you connect with alumni and tap their talents and insight.

Last Updated: 7/3/14