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2017 Passport to Career Success Winners

passport  to career successThe Fleishman Center’s Passport to Career Success is a checklist with meaningful activities that students should engage in each year to prepare for career success and life after graduation. The passport was specifically crafted to reflect those activities Binghamton students should complete as a first-year, sophomore, junior, and senior. If you did not complete your passport, we encourage you to come to the Fleishman Center and meet with a career consultant to help you accomplish your goals!


Students who completed some of the activities in their passport were also entered to win a $50 Best Buy gift card. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

 First-Year Winner: Oluwafumbi Adejola

oluwafumbi adejola

Feelings on the Passport: “Because of the passport, I went to the Spring Job and Internship Fair and set up next steps for networking.”


Future Plans: “I’ll be staying on campus as an Orientation Advisor for the summer, and I hope to gain an internship in the future.”





Sophomore Winner: Christopher DeMarco

sophmore winner

Feelings on the Passport: “I didn’t really have a career plan and the passport is good because it lays it all out. I will look at the passport again for next year.”


Future Plans: “This summer I’m going to be a sailing instructor and work in local stores to make some money. I’m a political science major and hope to intern in the fall as a legal aid in Broome County.”



Junior Winner: Celine Dorsain

junior winner

Feelings on the Passport: “I found out about the passport from [Career Consultant in Residence] Laura O’Neill after she had a program in Delaware Hall last year. This passport provided me comfort that I was doing what I should with my time at Binghamton.”

Future Plans: “I am waiting to hear back from Horowitz Research in New Rochelle for an internship. Additionally, I am preparing to take the LSAT in September and apply to law schools.”



Senior Winner: Shelsie Lindor


Feelings on the Passport: “I received the passport as a senior, so I didn’t have the same amount of time as a freshman to complete it. As I was completing the passport, it made me realize how much I did accomplish.”

Future Plans: “I am applying to medical school at the moment. I have been accepted to The Ohio State College of Medicine and am waiting to hear back from Upstate!”