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Internship Fund Assists Students in Gaining Experience

Working for a professional sports franchise is a dream for many sports fans. For Josh Goldberg, this dream became a reality, interning for a national hockey league franchise this past summer.

Josh Goldberg interning at Tampa Bay LightningGoldberg, whose family lives in Manhattan, NY, was able to obtain a dream summer internship for the Tampa Bay Lightning at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL. However, a summer of unpaid work thousands of miles from home sounded unfeasible for Goldberg.

"When I found out that I actually got accepted for it, I thought, 'okay, this sounds awesome, but it's in another state,'" said Goldberg, a senior majoring in math. "I'd have to live on my own."

Looking for a way to live this amazing experience, Goldberg applied for the Fleishman Center's Student Affairs Internship Fund, a resource provided to help students thrive with unpaid internships. In the summer of 2017, 56 students received funding ranging from $500 to $2,500.

"The Internship Fund is a great opportunity for students to pursue internships that they might not have otherwise," said Cassie Spencer, a career consultant for the Fleishman Center who is on the management team for the Career Development Centralized Internship (CDCI) Program.

"We recognize that during the summer a number of students spend their time making money to pay rent, or pay for books, in the school year. The Fund can counteract that financial need," Spencer said.

With the help of the Student Affairs Internship Fund, Goldberg was able to complete his internship in Florida. "I ended up getting a sizeable amount of money to make this summer possible, which was incredible," he said. In Tampa, Goldberg learned about the field he hopes to work in — data analytics, and translating statistics into insights that organizations can actually utilize — and meeting professionals who would teach him skills and lessons that he will take with him to his career.

Jen Levy interning at Mount Sinai HospitalJen Levy, also from Manhattan, NY, wasn't sure whether she could accept an offer as a Talent Acquisition Intern at Mount Sinai Hospital. Without compensation, Levy's commutes would become too expensive. The Internship Fund gave Levy the opportunity to accept the position, giving her the chance to shine as an intern.

During her internship, Levy worked to improve the hospital's experience on LinkedIn Elevate, a program that connects employees to good content beneficial for their workplace. "I built new strategies for how to get that program to be used a bit more," explained Levy, a junior majoring in psychology.

Levy impressed her boss so much that the Talent Acquisition team is currently working on developing a new, paid position for Levy this coming summer.

Like Goldberg, many other students find that the Internship Fund provides the opportunity to work in a city important for their career. Madison Jackson, from Cleveland, OH, is a double-major in English and Judaic Studies who wanted a chance to experience the world of policy-making. Washington, D.C. was the city she needed to be in.

Madison Jackson interning at the Jewish Policy Center"Had I done this internship anywhere else, it might not have been the same experience," she said. Jackson interned at the Jewish Policy Center, visiting think tanks, participating in events on Capitol Hill, while combining her two majors through researching and writing.

Jackson credits the Internship Fund for helping her succeed, and ultimately providing a clearer path for her future. "Right now, I'm leaning more towards working in either a Jewish museum or in Jewish archives, or something that has to do with Jewish Europe," she said.

The application for the summer 2018 Student Affairs Internship Fund can be found on the Fleishman Center's website. Binghamton University students who are U.S. citizens with a minimum GPA of 3.0, with a current FAFSA on file with the University are eligible.

Please contact the Fleishman Center at for more information on the Student Affairs Internship Fund.