New One Day NYC Shadowing Program Allows Students to Build Personal Connections with Alumni

Students in Bryant Park before heading to job shadow alumni

On Friday Nov. 9, 2018, students and members of the Fleishman Center staff piled onto a bus and traveled to New York City for a never-before-offered opportunity: the chance to spend a the day connecting with alumni, gaining an inside look at the day-to-day functions of various New York City industries, and participating in an intimate networking reception with fellow students and alumni.

"It's an experience that goes beyond our New York City Employer Site Visits Program because it gives students a deeper connection with alumni at an organization or industry that interests them," said Paul Deamer, Senior Assistant Director for Employer & Alumni Outreach at the Fleishman Center. "These connections can be utilized for future opportunities."

This is the first time the Fleishman Center has offered this 1-day job shadowing opportunity, which is a new initiative developed in collaboration between the Fleishman Center and the Binghamton University Alumni Association. Transportation to and from New York City was provided as a part of the program.

The day began with a bus ride from Binghamton to Bryant Park in New York City. From there, students traveled to either Manhattan or Brooklyn to meet their alumni mentors for the day.

Alumni participated from companies such as Horizon Media, Barclays, Wolfe Research, Estée Lauder, A&E Networks, and more.

Jessie Rubin shadowing an alumna at Estee LauderJessica Rubin, a senior studying business administration, shadowed Tara Schneider '13, the Manager of Internal Audit at Estée Lauder.

"I loved building the personal connection with Tara one-on-one," Rubin said. "From this experience, I learned how valuable networking can be. I gained a wealth of knowledge about the industry, Tara's line of work, and even learned about new ways to make my coursework at Binghamton more meaningful."

Another participant, Jesse Whitsit, a senior studying financial economics also felt the experience connected his classwork to real-life work in his field.

"Given the first hand opportunity to observe the daily operations of how the Sales and Trading practice functions of Credit Suisse was an amazing experience," Whitsit said. "I'm currently taking Econ 437, International Monetary Policy, where we work with different models and theories of currency trading between countries and being able to see how liquid money truly is was astonishing. You never truly understand the craft until you experience it."

Ira Goodman '02, Director of Claims Equities at Barclays, valued the experience of sharing his day with a student.

"This opportunity was a great way for me to give back to Binghamton University, and connect with the current students there," Goodman said. "I was happy to share my career experiences and introduce my student to several other Binghamton alumni at my firm."

After the day of shadowing, more than 50 students and alumni networked at a reception event. At the end of the day, staff and students got back on the bus and returned to Binghamton, each having grown their network and gained insights into an industry that day, thanks to the alumni they met.

"Connecting with the alumna gave me confidence that I have all the resources through Binghamton that I need to be successful by the time I graduate," Rubin said. "I feel very fortunate to have alumni who are willing to give guidance about all aspects of life and care so much about the current students."