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Launching the Careers of Students
Steven '91 & Judy '90 Fleishman recognized at Homecoming

By: Maureen Mullarkey '15

On Saturday, October 18, as part of Homecoming Weekend, Binghamton University hosted a dedication ceremony for the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development to recognize Steven Fleishman ’91 and Judith Garczynski Fleishman ’90 for their generosity and leadership in support of the Center.

Now located in the University Union, the state-of-the-art Fleishman Center features a welcoming and expanded seating area for students to meet with career staff during daily walk-in services; a 40-seat presentation room; and a 12-seat conference room with video conferencing capability. Other features include two large touchscreen monitors and 10 employer interview rooms, eight with built-in Skype capability.

Steven and Judy Fleishman agreed that the new center in its current location is a pivotal step towards student career success.

Steven Fleishman '91

“I was a bit of a Career Center junkie,” Steven said about his time as an undergraduate economics major. “They taught me how to write a resume, a cover letter, and opened up many internship opportunities.”

But when Steven recommended the Center to his friends, many had no idea it existed. In fact, Judy, a psychology major, did not know about the Career Center until her senior year.

“I was applying to graduate school and was having trouble, so Steven recommended that I go,” she recalled. “It was confusing because it was the basement of the library, but they helped me with all the paperwork I needed and I fortunately was accepted to graduate school.”

Vice President of Student Affairs Brian Rose stressed how crucial the new location is to students, explaining how the center was recently moved from the windowless basement of the library to its new location in the center of campus, just off of The Marketplace in the University Union.

Judy Fleishman '90

“We wanted to create a place where all of our students can come together,” he said. “The Marketplace is now the students’ living room, and they will now be able to see the Fleishman Center.”

According to President Harvey Stenger, the Fleishman Center is a critical component to the Binghamton University student experience. That is why the Center is now one of the first stops on campus tours, so that prospective students and parents understand how the University values career and professional development.

“Parents’ biggest worry is that their children won’t get jobs after college,” said Stenger. “Having the Center as one of the first stops on tours not only gives prospective students security and satisfaction about life after graduation, but it shows that we invest in our students and understand their needs.”

President Harvey Stenger

The University’s commitment to establishing one of the best career service organizations for a public university became the reason why the Center’s new Director of University Career Services, Dr. Kelli Smith, moved her young family from Nebraska to Binghamton.

When she heard that Rose had created a relationship with a philanthropic alumni couple sharing a similar vision for student career success, Smith said, it showed how the University truly cares for its students, and also how alumni are willing to help current students.

Since her arrival this past summer, Smith shared she was also impressed by the student usage of career services, stating that in the first 4 weeks of the semester more than 1,000 students have visited the Center for a walk-in or counseling appointment, showing a 15 percent increase from last year for the same period. The Fleishman Center has also coordinated over 1,000 campus interviews this Fall, which is a 10 percent increase compared to Fall 2013.

Kelli K. Smith, PhD, Director, University Career Services In this new space, and because of the willingness of faculty and staff across campus to partner on student success, Smith felt compelled to be a part of the University and Fleishman Center.
“I knew this would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” she said. “The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development will help launch the careers of Binghamton University students for generations.”

Mohammad Bishawi, ’15, is one great example of how the Center assists students’ career paths. Mohammed, a triple major in Philosophy, Politics and Law, History, and Accounting, has been a Peer Assistant for three years at the Career Center.

“I was taught what hard work was,” he said, “and I was given all the opportunities I needed to become a young professional.”

Mohammend Bishawi, ’15 Thanks to his Binghamton education and the transferrable skills he gained through internships and the Career Center’s programs, Mohammad will work full-time at Ernst and Young after graduation in May 2015.

“Mr. and Mrs. Fleishman, you inspire me to be a better person in society and to someday give back,” Bishawi said. “I owe my success to the Fleishman Center.”