Fleishman Center Launches Redesigned Website

Binghamton University's Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development has launched a newly redesigned, reorganized website this summer in order to improve the user experience and make resources more accessible. The Fleishman Center website has always been intended to deliver resources to students, parents, faculty/staff and alumni, and now hopes to do so by engaging users in a more user-friendly way. Users can easily access Fleishman Center news, student success stories, and a calendar of upcoming programs, employer info sessions, job and internship fairs, and more.

The resources from the old website have been carried over to this new site, but the number of pages to access this information has been drastically reduced in order to focus the user on important messaging. This results in better navigation and a more direct path to finding information.

The new website features a more modern, responsive and mobile-friendly design, making information more accessible and visually appealing on the go.

According to Alissa Strong, assistant director of marketing and technology in the Fleishman Center, the improved site navigation makes resources and programs easier to find and the decrease in pages creates a more intuitive experience for users, while maintaining important content.

Another major change is that a Binghamton University Career Tools digital resource library has been added. This features hundreds of Fleishman Center recommended tools and resources for students and can easily be searched by topic or keyword. A new donation page allows users to donate directly to several Fleishman Center programs, including the Student Affairs Internship Fund, Employer Site Visits, and Connections for Success program.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to explore this new site and utilize the resources available. Departments and offices who have webpages linking to the Fleishman site are encouraged to check and update their links. For more information about the new site please email Alissa Strong, assistant director of marketing and technology in the Fleishman Center, at