Services and Programs

Career preparation happens inside and outside the classroom. One's career trajectory does not emerge solely through the study of a particular major, but through a combination of variables and experiences. The multitude of programs and services offered through the Fleishman Center are designed to provide students of all levels with opportunities for professional development and help them gain the experiences necessary for life after Binghamton University.

The Fleishman Center's staff is eager to assist your student in learning about careers, gaining career-related experience, preparing for graduate/professional school, and finding a job. We work with undergraduate and graduate students of all majors in all of Binghamton University's schools/colleges and offer workshops, events, walk-in assistance, and individual career consulting to help your student with a variety of career related issues, such as:

  • Exploring Careers
  • Career Planning
  • Resumes
  • Cover Letters
  • Graduate School
  • Internship and Job Searches
  • Interviewing
  • Networking
  • Accepting/Declining Job Offer

Career Consulting and Assessments

The Fleishman Center has established daily Walk-In sessions and appointment hours for students to meet individually with career consultants to discuss a variety of career-related issues. Career consultants assist students of all class years with exploring majors and careers, internships, graduate school and job searches. In addition to career consulting, a variety of career assessment tools are available through our office to assist students when making career-related decisions, such as choosing a major, exploring occupations and determining a career plan.

Programs and Workshops

We regularly schedule programs and workshops on campus to assist students with a diverse range of career development needs, such as developing networking skills, finding an internship, optimizing a LinkedIn profile and creating a first resume. Programs feature a variety of professionals including employers, Binghamton alumni and Fleishman Center staff who share their advice and personal career journeys. We strive to continuously develop new and innovative programs to reflect the current needs of our students and requirements of employers.

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Signature Programs and Events

The Fleishman Center hosts several events and award-winning programs and events throughout the year including:

  • Employer Site Visits are a series of career and professional development events offered during school breaks, allowing students to learn how organizations operate and network with alumni and recruiters. (Award-Winning Program)
  • Job and Internship Fairs are held in both the fall and spring semesters for students to interact with national and local recruiters while learning about potential full-time employment and internship opportunities.
  • Graduate School Fair and Law Day are offered early in the fall semester to provide students with the opportunity to meet with graduate and professional school representatives from across the U.S. and abroad.
  • Alumni Career Connections is a series of in-person and virtual events for students to meet alumni, ask questions, and get advice about transitioning from students to successful alumni.
  • Connections for Success provides sophomore students an opportunity to participate in a professional development retreat led by alumni, employers and staff in order to prepare them with the tools necessary to be competitive applicants for internships and employment. (Award-Winning Program)
  • JFEW-SUNY Global Affairs Leadership Program is a two-year program for rising female sophomores and juniors with a strong interest in a career in international affairs. The program creates strong mentor and peer networks that will continue to support students’ goals throughout their careers while building mentoring relationships with esteemed leaders.
  • JFEW/Binghamton Leadership and Career Development Scholars Program is a four-year educational and experiential learning program for Jewish female undergraduates that will enhance their educational experience, facilitate internship exploration and provide financial support to Scholars with demonstrated financial need.

On-Campus Recruiting

Binghamton University provides undergraduate and graduate students with opportunities to interview with organizations hiring for internships and full-time employment positions. More than 1,800 employers from a variety of for-profit, non-profit and government organizations recruit Binghamton students annually. Students are strongly encouraged to attend regularly scheduled employer Information Sessions to learn more about organizations and make initial contact with employers. All interview and Information Session schedules are managed through hireBING.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

The Fleishman Center partners with offices across campus and coordinates several programs that offer students opportunities to explore career options while gaining valuable experience:

  • The Academic Internship Program (CDCI) is the largest credit-bearing internship program at Binghamton University. The Fleishman Center partners with local, national and international agencies to provide Binghamton University students with endless internship opportunities. More than 1,000 students earn academic credit through this program annually.
  • The Johnson City Mentor Program, a partnership between Binghamton University and the Johnson City School District, provides Johnson City students with role models and extra academic support. Mentors develop workplace skills such as professionalism, communication and time management.
  • Liberal Arts to Careers Externship is a program that provides Harpur College students with the opportunity to explore career options and gain insight into the realities of the workplace through shadowing during school breaks.


hireBING by Handshake is the online system the Fleishman Center uses to manage the on-campus recruiting and job and internship postings. All Binghamton students and alumni have unrestricted access to hireBING and are encouraged to utilize it beginning as early as their freshman year. Students can upload resumes and cover letters, as well as search and apply for jobs and internships.

Job Search Assistance

The Fleishman Center's goal is to assist students in developing life-long skills that will enable them to be successful long after they graduate from Binghamton. Many resources, programs and services are available to help students navigate the job search process. The Fleishman Career career consultants can offer advice on evaluating a job offer, salary negotiations, and how to accept or decline a position.

Career Tools and Library

Binghamton University Career Tools is a collection of hundreds of career and professional development-related resources that students can access anytime. Students can sort resources based on their needs to easily access the most relevant information.

The Fleishman Center also offers a resource library located in the University Union (UU-133), complete with computers and a career library to aid students in researching majors and occupations, finding a job or internship, and identifying graduate schools.

Alumni Professional Network on LinkedIn

Through LinkedIn, students can tap into an expansive group of Binghamton alumni for networking. For students in the beginning stages of their education, LinkedIn is a valuable resource for learning about career journeys (“What can I do with a major in _____?”), serves as a starting point for informational interviews, and facilitates networking with professionals in fields of interest. More advanced students can leverage LinkedIn’s network of more than 500 million registered members (78,000+ of whom are students or alumni of Binghamton University) to grow their professional networks, search for internships, identify job openings and research organizations in preparation for interviews. Recent studies show that 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates, while only 43% of college students use LinkedIn!  For this reason alone, we want 100% of Binghamton students to understand and make use of this powerful resource.