About us


The Student Employment Program at Binghamton University was created in Spring 2018 to centralize the many partners across and off campus who recruit students for part-time jobs via the Fleishman Center’s hireBING online job system, and to enhance the employment-seeking experience for Binghamton students.

The program connects students with part-time jobs, helps them access opportunities to earn, offers trainings to enhance student-employee and hiring-department learning and facilitates the development of leadership skills through on-campus student employment opportunities.

Focus on CELL: Connect, Earn, Learn and Lead is the core of the program for employers and students.


To lead campus constituents to elevate the student employment experience as a high-impact learning opportunity for Binghamton students in all on-campus positions.


Binghamton University’s values are shared by the Student Employment Program at Binghamton University.


We are an inclusive community made up of people from diverse backgrounds who come together to learn, discover and serve. We have developed a common bond — the Binghamton bond — that will be ours for a lifetime.


We are an academically selective community that shares ideas across departments, disciplines and borders. We encourage faculty, students and staff to ask unexpected questions, foster open dialog and develop innovative solutions to important problems.


We cannot be all things to all people. However, we pursue our goals with determination, striving for intellectual and personal growth, especially in the face of adversity.

Student Employment Program Implementation Committee

Members from the Fleishman Center, Human Resources, Financial Aid, student employees and hiring departments unite on this committee to facilitate the implementation of and enhancements to the Student Employment Program at Binghamton University. To share input or feedback with the committee, email stemploy@binghamton.edu.

Benefits of student employment for students

  • Gain experience in a professional environment.
  • Connect and develop a professional network and references.
  • Earn money.
  • Learn to make connections between work, school and career aspirations.
  • Lead and enhance leadership skills.

Skills student employees gain on the job

  • Critical thinking/problem solving
  • Oral/written communication
  • Teamwork/collaboration
  • Digital technology
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism/work ethic
  • Career management
  • Global/intercultural fluency