Student Staff Evaluations

Binghamton University already prepares students for post-graduation success by providing an outstanding classroom education. Student employment supervisors also have a unique opportunity to play a critical role in supporting students in their success by offering a venue to develop professional skills that may not be part of their individual classroom curriculum.

The Student Employment Team has developed an evaluation form to help supervisors of student employees identify and assess progress towards developing career-readiness skills. We ask that the students be evaluated by their supervisor at least once at the end of each semester. This is asked so that students can periodically reflect on their strengths and areas in need of development. It is imperative to be as candid as possible in these conversations to optimize effectiveness. The form can be found, shared, and printed below.

The Student Employment Team deeply appreciates your continued support in advancing our students' careers. Your cooperation in this initiative and daily efforts do not go unnoticed and will make the difference in our students' lives!

Download Student Staff Evaluation Form