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Exploring Options

As a graduate student, you likely have a strong sense of your areas of interest, and the Fleishman Center can work with you to determine how those interests might combine with your skills, personality and values in a work environment. We can help you identify and explore a variety of career options through one-on-one appointments and programming specifically targeted toward graduate students.

At the PhD level, numerous opportunities exist outside of academia. As you explore career options, you will want to consider what skills you have developed during your graduate work that you would like to continue to use and that will be valuable in industry settings.

Make Meaningful Connections

The average person changes jobs and/or careers 10 or more times during their working lives. Even within one career track, reports on graduate education indicate that graduate students need to develop expertise in more than just their area of study. A number of core competencies (transferable skills) cut across multiple careers, many of which need to be developed outside the classroom. The Fleishman Center encourages and facilitates career networking as a way to both learn about options and make connections with successful alumni and other professionals who can impact your career success. 

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Attend Employer Treks and Networking Nights with Alumni in a variety of cities

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Alumni Career Connections

Connect with successful alumni, either face-to-face on campus or virtually through our innovative student-alumni speaker series.

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Building Online Connections

Learn how to maximize your LinkedIn profile and leverage the professional networking tool that is critical for career success.

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