Gain Experience

Employers and are interested in candidates who are well-rounded and have developed their transferable skills in a variety of ways. The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development offers programs, services and workshops that help graduate students gain the relevant experience that employers seek in applicants.


Internships provide you with the opportunity to build your resume while testing out positions to see what you like and don't like. An added benefit is that some employers use their internship programs as recruitment tools for full-time hires. The Fleishman Center works with you to help conduct internship searches, review application materials and prepare for interviews. 

Resources on Finding and Applying to Internships

Volunteer Opportunities

Employers like to see well-rounded candidates who can contribute to their organization in a number of ways, and volunteering is one way to round out your education and build your skills. 

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Summer/Part-time Work

While the job itself may not be exactly what you'd like to pursue in the future, a summer or part-time job can provide an opportunity to network, gain related experience and develop the skills employers seek. Once you begin your job, seek out opportunities to learn more and enhance your skills in order to make the most of your experience.

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Campus Involvement 

Whether through your department or campus-wide, career related or just for fun, getting involved with initiatives and activities on campus can provide yet another way to network and develop skills. Look for opportunities to serve on a committee, participate in clubs or assume leadership positions as a way to demonstrate active engagement with your community.

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